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Coconut Vegetable Curry

For a sweet and savory dinner dish, this coconut vegetable curry is the siren call to the family that it’s time for dinner. What’s on your table?

In case you didn’t know, coconut milk is loaded with nutrients and healthy fat. It contains vitamins, minerals, and calcium. It is a plant-based saturated fat, but rather than storing this fat, your body uses it for energy! Coconut milk is also dairy-free and makes a great alternative to regular milk!

This curry can also be adapted to whatever vegetables are in season or available to you. Always be sure to work with what you have, as long as it’s colorful with lots of variety you will have yourself a wonderful meal that will last all week. Don’t be afraid to freeze containers of this curry and save it for another day. It keeps well in the fridge and freezer. Just cooking up a fresh batch of quinoa, brown rice, gluten free noodles or kelp noodles to serve it with and you will have yourself a solid meal!

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