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Clear Your Throat Chakra and Speak Your Personal Truth through Meditation


Join Zain Saraswati Jamal, Mind, Body, and Spirit Coach, as she explores speaking your truth and clearing the throat chakra through meditation. For many, speaking our truth can be extremely challenging and almost impossible. All the choices we make or do not make affect us and our energy. Not speaking up when we feel we should or lying both create energetic blockage that can affect our health, our interactions with others, and our lives.

Bring your hands into lotus mudra by connecting your pinkies together and your thumbs together with the base of your palms touching and your fingers spread like a lotus flower. Place your hands over your throat. As you breathe, draw your attention to your vishuddha, throat chakra, in the middle of your throat toward your spine. Vibrate this chakra with "ham", using this sound and visualizing bright blue light until you feel attuned. Inhale what you need to speak your truth and exhale anything blocking your truth from being spoken as you heal. Namaste.

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