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Chemical Catastrophe: The Ingredients Lurking Inside Your Home

When choosing cleaning supplies and other household products, make sure to be aware of chemicals that could be harmful to you and your family!

Most of us strive to keep our living space neat and clean, not only to make it look more presentable, but also in an effort to kill germs that can cause illness. But, what if the very products most of us use to clean and to kill germs and bacteria are actually causing us to lose our health, slowly but surely? Surprisingly, many mainstream household products contain ingredients harmful to our health.

Bisphenol A

This is a chemical ingredient used to make plastic and resins. This ingredient mimics estrogen and can disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system, thereby interfering with all of the roles of this system, thus having a negative effect on other organs and systems of the body. This ingredient is most commonly found in the lining of many canned foods, thermal paper used for receipts, and many plastics.

Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCS)

These ingredients are chemicals used in the making of non-stick cookware, clothing, tents, water repellant products, and some upholstery. One component (perfluorooctanoic acid) is completely non-biodegradable and can cause kidney disease, low sperm count, thyroid disease, and many other conditions.


These ingredients are commonly found in plastic food storage containers, plastic toys, and certain beauty products. These ingredients are used as plastic-softening agents; they’re linked to cancer and testicular problems.

Fire Retardants

These ingredients are commonly found in foam furniture, dust, and carpet padding. They’re used to make products be less flammable. However, they imitate thyroid hormones and are endocrine disruptors.


This ingredient is an herbicide commonly used in corn crops. It can cause hormone and endocrine disruption and cancer, and can also lead to fertility issues. It’s commonly found in drinking water and foods or ingredients derived from corn.


This toxic chemical can interfere with the healthy functioning of cortisol and insulin and has been linked to skin, bladder and lung cancer in particular. It’s commonly found in drinking water, processed foods, and many rice products.


This heavy metal has been correlated with lower levels of sex hormones, decreased IQ, hearing loss, miscarriage, premature birth, and mental issues such as memory problems. It’s commonly found in old paint, pipes, and drinking water.

Glycol Ethers

These ingredients are solvents that seriously damage fertility and cause low sperm count. They’re commonly found in paint, cleaning products, and cosmetics.


These chemicals are used in rocket fuel and can become airborne. When inhaled, they can disrupt thyroid hormones. They’re also found in drinking water, some non-organic produce, and conventional milk.


This chemical is formed during manufacturing of many products and can damage sex hormones and decrease sperm count. They’re commonly found in conventional animal products including milk and eggs.

Organophosphate Pesticides

These are pesticides used on produce to keep the insects at bay. They are toxic to the nervous system though and have been linked to lowered testosterone and hormone disruption. They’re most commonly found in non-organic produce.

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