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Change Yourself with the Seasons

Fall is upon us, and what better time to embrace change in our lives than now? With each season I like to "go with the flow" of what that season has to offer. I didn't use to be this way—not at all. Over the years, I have learned many things, one being that the greatest challenge was to remove the barriers that I had erected for myself. Many of us do this, right? We impede our abilities to soar. We create blockages, doubts, clouded perceptions, and negativity that need not be in our minds, bodies, and spirits. The food we eat, the thoughts we think, the people we interact with, how we care and nurture ourselves, these all influence our lives and in some cases can hold us back. Here are some suggestions to help you embrace change.

1) Are You Stagnant?

frozen_ice_water_frost_clouds_nature_trees_sun_picStagnancy is an issue about being set in our ways, becoming rigid, closed off, and blocked. Once we become set in our ways, we usually stay that way. On some level, it is a comfort zone, whether or not it is good for us, since we choose the path of least resistance. The goal here is to get your mind and body ready and open to accept change. Thoughts like, "I'm like this," or "I only do this or that." Who says? Ask yourself where those thoughts come from. Who made that rule? Is it really true? It doesn't have to be. You are in charge and can make changes at any given moment.

2) Emotional blocks

Life is full of "stuff," ranging from a relationship breakup, the child who disappoints, or the parents who don't accept to the death of a loved one, an accident, illness, or stress. It’s all a part of the experience of life, but it also takes a toll on our energetic flow, whether we’re aware of it or not. And when we don't recognize it, we spur these blockages to new heights.

Many people try most of their lives to avoid facing their problems. They say, "I don't want to talk about it. Just forget it. Life goes on." By covering up these emotions and not facing them, we’re being damaged by them every day and on many levels.

3) Emotions and Your Body

It is this kind of emotional repression that causes disruption to the body's natural energetic meridians, possibly contributing to weight problems, digestive disorders, immune dysfunctions, high blood pressure, migraines, exhaustion, and worse. I have personally experienced the relief of many issues with the facing and dealing of emotional issues from my past. It is this same emotional holding and blockage that also causes us to become resistant to new ideas and so frightened of accepting new foods, ideas, and concepts, however delicious or healthy.

4) Getting Back to Basics

man_wander_mountains_green_nature_backpack_picBy simply taking note of your blocked energy, you help to dissolve it. When we recognize and acknowledge disturbed energy, instead of ignoring it, we can process it through our systems and let it go. Become more open in thought and more accepting of new foods, ideas, exercises, and lifestyles. Give it a try and see how it works for you. I've gone through many different ways of eating, exercising, and so on to see which one works for me. It changes from season to season also. Life is about growth, expansion, and learning more about ourselves. Don't settle.

5) Layers of an Onion

I know you've probably cut an onion many times, but I want you to get an onion and start to peel away the layers. Keep peeling away the layers until you get to the core, the center. Peeling the onion represents releasing the layers of buildup that you may have held on to as you have gone through life. The way in which you reacted to various experiences perhaps hardened you over and left you more resistant and less open to change. You can peel back the layers and find your original self. Your true self is kind, cuddly, cool, and beautiful. Keep reminding yourself of what the onion peeling represents. Feel yourself becoming more open and willing to accept change and new concepts. Recognize the layers but then move on.

6) Opening Up Emotionally for Change

So now that you have peeled the onion, I would like for you to access your center and open up your body, mind, and spirit for change. There are many medical and scientific studies proving that our body's cells and molecules listen to the messages that we express (verbally and by thoughts alone) and respond accordingly. If we constantly tell ourselves negative statements like we are too tired, too old, too ill, too overweight, can't get the job, can't find the love, and so on, our bodies will listen and ultimately adapt the same attitude in a downward spiral.

329-Change-FacebookBeing able to open up emotionally in order to accept change, especially when it comes to the habits of a lifetime, is about learning how to create your new messages, creating a new you. I find talking nicely to myself is very helpful. Talk to yourself as you would someone you truly love and care for. When the body and mind are in harmony with itself and its environment, our energies work like a charm to help promote a healthy system.

For starters, never say, "I can't." If you do say it, stop yourself and say, "Yes, I can!" You make your rules now. No one is stopping you. It will take some time to reprogram old thoughts, but you can do it.

If your partner doesn't want to go along with you, then you do it for yourself. Let them do whatever they do. Just don't allow anyone to hold you back from changing your life for the better. Positive change can fit any lifestyle, no matter how busy. So take advantage of this transitioning of seasons to make some changes within yourself.

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