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Black Currant and Mint Shake

Get with the currant trends! No, we didn’t get that wrong, we mean currants as in the berries! Start your day with this great-tasting black currant and mint smoothie!

This black currant and mint smoothie is an amazing way to kick start the day and boost your mood! Spring is here which means refreshing and healthy drinks to help boost energy and refuel our bodies. This smoothie combines black currants, which are incredible sources of antioxidants, with the freshness of mint. Smoothies are a great way to pack in extra nutrition whether it’s in the morning, midday, or at night. You can add nut butters to make it richer, switch up the milks such as rice, soy, almond, or hemp, or you can even add hemp hearts or chia seeds to boost protein. You can also add a dollop of regular or vegan yogurt to add a delicious creaminess to your shake.

Black currants are very tart, so it’s best to combine them with other fruit to give them a more well-rounded taste. Combining black currants with additional berries (such as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries) keeps the sugar levels low and antioxidant levels high. Black currants help fight free radicals in the body which can help stave off cancer cells. By fighting off these free radicals, it can also help in premature aging. Black currants also promote eye health and digestive health. Black currants have a huge amount of vitamin c that can also help boost immunity. This smoothie tastes fantastic with vanilla almond milk, but you can always use soy if you want a richer taste. I love the taste of fresh mint in this smoothie, but you can also use fresh basil, which gives it an incredible herbaceous taste.

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