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The Biggest Lie You’ll Ever Tell Yourself

Sometimes the first and biggest obstacle to our goals is closer than we think. Get ready to make those long-held dreams a reality.

The Biggest Lie

woman_mirror_broken_image_reflection_face_stare_picThe biggest lie you’ll ever tell is one you’ll tell yourself. Whether it’s the number on the scale that you “can’t reach,” the degree that you “don’t have time” to attain, or the skill that you “should have learned earlier” in life, the world is filled with self-imposed limitations. In essence, it is the illusion of our impediments that threatens our lives and our freedom the most. This self-deception robs us of a life well lived and the experience of success. It is this artifice that must be conquered in each and every heart and mind: the great “I Can’t” must die.

If you understood that you can be whatever you choose, whenever you choose it, the world would be such a different place. If you allowed yourself to dream the big dreams and gave yourself the power to act toward the higher purposes of your mind, you could achieve wonders. But as long as your fears stand in the way of your real life, you’ll continue to long for your true self. The beauty of life is that you can change the script at any moment of your choosing. You are free to create every minute of every day. What does your creation look like?


You are unfulfilled potential. You are the light of the world and the future of humanity. Yet you are in denial about your authority. You deny that you have the power to choose. But why do you do this?

With power comes responsibility, and the denial of one carries the denial of the other. It is the unwillingness to bear responsibility that chokes your command. And what is it that you fear about taking responsibility? It is the fear of failure that binds your hands.

If only you could see that you are incapable of failing when you live your life with a passionate heart! The worst that can happen is you will die trying, and would you not rather perish in the effort to live the life you love than to wither in mediocrity? Get up! I implore you to live! This life is yours for the taking.


man_mountain_climb_sunrise_clouds_hike_picFind the passion of your life. It will not come to you. You must search, however far and wide. You have today. Are you looking? Will you create? You can. That is never the question. The real question is, “Will you?” There is never shame in the effort. There is only disgrace in renouncing the gift.

Someday you will look back and realize that the biggest lie never existed. It was only your shadow that you were afraid of; it was your own heart that betrayed you. You are strong and proud. You are a beautiful conqueror of fears. You are victorious over the great “I can’t”; the lie that never was.

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