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Bean and Quinoa Power Salad

Substantially filling while also being substantially slimming, this bean and quinoa power salad has all the right stuff!

Various green leaves by themselves do not make a very substantial meal. Within a few hours of eating a basic veggie salad, you’re hungry again, but if you take up another notch by adding some power foods like beans and quinoa, it’s called a Power Salad! It becomes very filling and leaves you not wanting more until the next meal.

This salad is very quick especially if you already have cooked quinoa on hand. It's basically popping open a few cans and mixing them together. One of the most important ingredients is the hummus. Hummus is very delicious and is basically just garbanzo beans pureed. If you like spicy, get a spicy red pepper flavor. You won’t be sorry!

Garbanzo and great northern beans are an excellent source of protein. They also pack folate, manganese, and fiber. Quinoa also has a lot of protein and has similar nutritional value as the beans with zinc added in.

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