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The Art of Receiving

Thanksgiving allows us the chance to reflect on what we’re grateful to have, but can it also open us to receiving more?

hands_receiving_open_palms_picMost people would admit to not having everything they’ve ever wanted in life. And for some it’s just a matter of not having everything yet, because they know that eventually things are going to work out. For others, it’s because they’re not open to receiving the things they want in life.

Those people may say, “Of course I’m open! It’s just that nobody has offered me a million dollar check yet. If they did, of course I would say yes!”

That’s not what I mean. What I mean is that you must learn to be open to getting what you want in whatever form the universe wants to deliver it to you.

I’m sure we all know someone who has a Pinterest board full of inspiring quotes, but they do nothing but complain anytime you’re around them. Often people are unhappy. They want happiness but they aren’t actually sure what happiness even means to them. This is where openness to receiving comes in. If a stranger smiles at you, smile back. The exchange of smiles is you received that person’s greeting or friendly gesture and let them know it and showed gratitude for it.

Being open to their kindness opened a little bit of your own kindness.

Next, decide what happiness means to you. Owning a Lamborghini might make you happy, but lets take it a little deeper. Is it the Lamborghini or is it owning a luxury car? Is it owning a luxury car or is it having a nice reliable car that you don’t have to worry about getting fixed? Perhaps you want to make sure your extra time can be spent taking the kids to their practices, hitting the gym, or walking the dog. What does happiness really mean to you? If it is owning a Lamborghini—great! If it really means getting the children, you, the dog, to where you need to go with peace of mind you’re safe—great! The important thing is that you know what happiness really means to you so you don’t let others define what would make you happy.

woman_young_hoodie_headphones_relaxed_walking_sunlight_happy_smile_picBefore one can begin receiving, it is important to know that there is an unlimited source of everything we could ever want or need. We must fight the programmed belief that there is not enough to go around, and that resources are limited. For you to have more financial wealth, for example, does not mean someone else can’t also have just as much. Nobody ever gets to the top by pushing others down. So be happy for your coworker who just got a raise or the person in line in front of you at the gas station who found a $3,000 lottery ticket. Their gains do not mean your losses. Be sincerely happy for them and watch as you begin receiving what it is you want too.

Being happy for others opens you up even more to receive for yourself.

The most critical ingredient to the Art of Receiving is being thankful—thankful for everything that comes your way. Start with what you can control. Remind yourself how happy, thankful, and grateful you are for your health. Once you’re truly grateful for this, you will begin feeling empowered and do things to better your health like eating more veggies or going or more walks. Learn to love and appreciate yourself fully. Be open to receiving. Be happy, thankful, and grateful. Be so full of love for you that it spills out into the world. Be you.

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