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Arsenic and Rice, Don't Panic

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Troubling news of arsenic in rice has popped up all over the tv and internet today. Don’t panic! We get our ingredients, including rice protein, from all over the world. They are tested by an FDA lab in the United States and approved before they are even allowed to leave the docks, but we also do our own internal testing with independent labs. These tests look for everything including mold, yeast, E Coli, salmonella, heavy metals, melamine, and more. We have yet to see a failed test.

Almost every plant food has naturally occurring metals in it. Plants absorb metals from the soil. Yams, turnips, apples, tomatoes, artichokes, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, spinach, potatoes, corn, and many other fruits and vegetables contain arsenic. For instance, carrots contain 12.80 micrograms of arsenic in a one cup serving. Arsenic is even found in fairly high levels in drinking water. Arsenic isn’t the only boogey man out there. Green beans contain 28.75 micrograms of lead in a one cup serving. That’s 56 times the allowable limit! And yet we continue to live after a serving of green beans, because the body is prepared to remove these modest doses without problems. Rice naturally picks up arsenic from the water drenched patties where it is grown. There is no rice that does not contain some arsenic. A serving of our rice protein contains much less than the amount allowed by the FDA and these test results are based on a combination of organic and inorganic arsenic. If we did further testing to determine just inorganic arsenic, the results would be even lower. There is no danger in the serving sizes we offer. If you are worried about arsenic or any other compound, we recommend varying protein sources. Most people do not get all their protein from our Classic Rice Protein. We also offer Warrior Blend as an alternative or to be alternated with Classic Protein.

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