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Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Beet Smoothie Recipe

Catch the beat of life with the health benefits of ginger and beet in this anti-inflammatory smoothie and a little blender boogie!

Fitness Expert, Yogi & Smoothie Lover Koya Webb is here with a tasty ginger beet smoothie, and even a little blender boogie to keep you entertained and toned while waiting for all the creamy goodness to come together.

Beets are high in vitamin C, fiber, and essential minerals like potassium and manganese. Beets can help lower blood pressure, boost stamina, fight inflammation, and even help in your body’s natural detox process. Ginger helps combat nausea, reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation, and even boosts immunity.

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Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Beet Smoothie Recipe



  1. ginger_beet_smoothie_koya webb_3_picCombine filtered water, beets, and bananas in a high-speed blender
  2. Add vanilla extract and ginger
  3. Blend well
  4. Boogie down

Grab your favorite mason jar, pour in the beautiful deliciousness, and enjoy!

Check out the health benefits of beets!

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