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Adriana Martin

For more than a decade, Adriana Martin has devoted her fitness career to teaching women and their families how to stay fit and fabulous! As the author of Fit Mom For Life, Adriana has created an innovative approach to helping women achieve their health and fitness goals through all the seasons of life and despite the time constraints of motherhood. Through her own business and as the fitness contributor for Univision and Lifetime TV, Adriana has devised creative, fun-filled and practical methods for women at all stages; from individual women to moms-to-be, all the way to the entire family. "Women know the importance of taking care of themselves, but somehow the balance between work, home, family, and personal fulfillment becomes more and more difficult to achieve," explains Martin. "Today, many women find that taking care of themselves is the last thing on their to-do list. This only creates a vicious cycle. Adult obesity is on the rise...and so is childhood obesity." To break the cycle, Adriana teaches us that fitness is a family affair and Moms need to lead the way! Through her website, educational videos, programs and seminars, Adriana has created the ultimate resource for women who are seeking practical advice, proven techniques, and energizing motivation. Her credentials include Certified in Sports Nutrition Certified in Pre and Postnatal Exercise Design - DSW Fitness Certified Personal Trainer - World Fitness Association Certified Group Exercise Instructor - World Fitness Association Studio Pilates Instructor - Polestar Education Gravity Pilates Instructor - EFI Sports Medicine Mat Pilates Instructor - Power House Pilates and Fit Tour Water Exercise Instructor - World Fitness Association Spinning Instructor - Mad Dog Athletics Zumba Instructor - Zumba Fitness Cardio Kick Boxing Instructor - World Fitness Association Step Aerobics Instructor - World Fitness Association Body Pump Instructor - Less Mills Body Flow Instructor - Less Mills
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