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7 Ways Your Diet Choices Impact your Sex Life

7_ways_your_diet_choices_impact_your_sex_life_picWhether or not you spent Valentine's Day gettin' it on, your sex drive can be a pretty strong indicator of your overall health. And while our libido definitely changes throughout the course of our lives, a healthy person can expect to be intimate well into their golden years.

There are lots of factors that can impact our sex life, and our diet choices top the list. Here are seven of the most common ways diet choices can impact your sex drive.

  1. High cholesterol = erectile dysfunction: High cholesterol is the leading physical cause of erectile dysfunction and it's one of the leading health challenges in our country that is almost entirely dependent on our dietary choices. Foods high in trans fats (such as meat, eggs, and dairy) can clog our arteries, restricting blood flow and causing high cholesterol levels. Low blood flow means less blood can get down there where it's needed for men to make things happen.
  2. Energy drain: Highly processed foods can take a toll on our bodies in a number of ways. The more fast junk food we eat, the more difficult it is for our bodies to digest. This can leave us feeling sluggish, tired and utterly not in the mood. Healthy whole foods, on the other hand, can boost our energy levels and leave us feeling ripe for a roll in the hay.
  3. Immune boon: When we eat foods that are full of powerful immune enhancers, such as antioxidants found in most fruits and vegetables, we're at a lower risk of coming down with a cold or the flu, especially this time of year. So make sure you're well protected from bugs and viruses that can kill your love-buzz by eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
  4. Foods affect your pheromones: Each of us give off certain 'scents' that send sexual signals out into the ethers. While you can't smell most of them consciously, the brain does pick them up and instructs the body to act accordingly. What you eat impacts your body's hormones and the pheromones. When your diet is toxic, so is your body's "odor," and it can be a turn off to others.
  5. Eat for circulation: Literally spice up your love life by spicing up your own body's circulation with spicy foods such as cayenne, ginger, and even garlic (for those who dare). Healthy circulation stimulates blood flow to all parts of the body, especially those extra tingly spots. This can be a really useful tactic for women who have trouble achieving orgasm.
  6. Eat the right fats: While many of us eat a lot of fatty foods, it's important you eat healthy fats, such as omega-fatty acid rich flax or hemp oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or foods like whole nuts, seeds, and avocados. Good fats play a crucial role in hormone function, which boosts your sex drive, while bad fats can drain you of the benefit.
  7. Sexy foods make you sexy: How sexy is someone gnawing on gristle or a leftover chicken bone? What about a ripe, juicy peach, strawberry, or tomato? Fruits and vegetables consistently rank higher on the sexy food radar and for good reason! The more sexy foods you eat, the sexier you'll feel, and the sexier you'll be to your partner as well.
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