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7 Minute Workout #2

You’re not in too much of a hurry to take seven minutes out of your schedule and give your body the workout it needs! Join Tim McComsey in this 7 minute workout!

Trainer Tim McComsey is back with another 7 minute workout. And yes, you’ll be feeling the burn in just 7 minutes. For the entire workout, perform each exercise for 30 seconds, take a 20 second rest, move on to exercise two for 30 seconds, take a 20 second rest, and finish up with 30 seconds of the third exercise, then take a 45 second break, and do it all over again 3 more times. {9kucur9p}

That may sound like a handful, so just follow along, and Tim will show you how it’s all done.

Watch as Tim demonstrates the power thruster, the mountain climber with knee drive, and the ‘round the clock pushup.

This workout will help increase your metabolism, burn calories, increase heart rate, and all out kick your butt. You know you need a good swift kick every now and again. You’ll be feeling it all over by the end of one set, but remember you still have 3 more! Heck, we’re tired just watching Tim!

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