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7 Minute Workout #1

No time to work out? No problem! We only need 7 minutes! In those seven minutes, you'll get a full workout leaving you stronger, healthier, and happier!

Trainer and Dietician, Tim McComsey, is here demonstrating a 7-minute workout. That’s right, you can get that heart racing, that blood pumping, and those calories burning, in just 7 minutes. This series of exercises is a great “day off from work” type of exercise, or even something that’s great after a hard resistance workout. Follow Tim as he shows you three different exercises. Perform each of these exercises for 30 seconds, followed by a 20-second break while you transition into the next exercise. Repeat then rest for 45 seconds while you get ready to do the whole routine over again.

The first exercise is the 180-degree squat. Tim uses a line on the sidewalk to help with this exercise, but feel free to get creative here. With both feet facing the line, perform a squat, jump upwards while turning 180 degrees in the air, coming down feet first on the other side of the line. Continue doing this for 30 seconds, then transition into exercise number two. The second exercise is the 5-foot shuffle. If you’ve ever seen football players training, you’ll know this one. While in a semi-squat position, shuffle five steps sideways, touch the ground, then shuffle back. Perform this for 30 seconds, then rest for 20. Now for the third exercise – the 1 arm burpee. This is a difficult one, so good luck. Perform a traditional burpee, but with one arm, alternating arms each time.

Bam! Now that you’ve done all three exercises, rest 45 seconds, then perform all three exercises 2 or 3 more times, making a wonderfully tiring 7-minute exercise.

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