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5 Ways to Find Beauty in Fitness

By: Lauren Rae, CPT at TRYM Fitness and SunWarrior Contributing Writer

Why are you interested in improving your fitness abilities? Strength goals? Want to beat your big brother in the yearly push-up contest? Want to eat that cookie without guilt? Maybe it’s so you can master that handstand in yoga class. One of the biggest reasons someone begins a fitness and nutrition regimen is not only to feel better, but to look better physically and feel more attractive to themselves and others. Granted, feeling better physically and enjoying the healthy changes that take place in our bodies—such as lowering blood pressure, ditching prescription medication, and increasing muscle and joint health—is a great reason to get motivated. However, wanting to feel attractive and beautiful is a common motive among people everywhere.

5_ways_to_find_beauty_in_fitness_image5 ways you can find beauty in fitness:

1. Lose water weight

Without proper diet (limiting processed and refined foods) and exercise, water weight can sit uncomfortably and add extra inches to your body. Limiting sodium intake to less than 2000mg per day and increasing water intake, as well as higher heart rate exercise, can help your body flush toxins as well as a few extra pounds.

2. Fountain of youth

Exercise promotes cell re-growth that increases the level of collagen and elastin in our skin. These cells are responsible for more youthful looking skin, which inevitably makes you appear well-rested and beautiful.

3. Confidence goes a long way

Mood boosting brain chemicals create feelings of happiness and confidence. Taking the time to invest in your health shows! Not only will you look better physically, releasing endorphins and other “feel-good” chemicals can change your brain chemistry causing you to become a happier person. That alone is a reason to find someone attractive!

4. Get a sexy smile

smile_is_sexy_imageCoat-tailing on number 3, with increased confidence and a happier mood come a number of reasons to smile more. If you believe that “like attracts like” then you’ll understand how being confident and happy can make you smile and therefore attract more things and people that make you smile. It was also discovered in a study by a British university that human teeth are equivalent to a peacock’s tail in mate selection. In other words, the point of attraction for the opposite sex is a healthy smile.

5. Have more energy and burn more fat

So you’re too tired to work out? Working out adds a healthy amount of exertion and stress to the body that can encourage restful beauty sleep and therefore keep you well-rested and energized throughout the day. Your body needs to recover after intense training and does the most cellular growth during the hormone cycle at night. Therefore, your body uses a proper sleep cycle for optimum fat burning. So beauty sleep really does aid in your attractiveness! Just remember, exercise in the morning can relieve stress and improve your mood while exercise right before bed can hinder your sleep patterns as it stimulates your brain and nervous system.

Whatever your reason for getting fit and healthy, these qualities are just an added bonus. With proper exercise, nutrition, and a healthy mindset, there is nothing and no one that can stop you on your own path to greatness. Now go Get Fit. Get TRYM. And always BE YOU!

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