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5 ‘S’s’ to Reduce Stress and Boost Immunity

Stress can kill you, so the experts say. Get it before it gets you with these 5 stress reducers and immunity boosters.

Life is about being with people you love and enjoying life. This time of year can also be a high time for stress as people tackle deadlines and the inevitable family dynamic coming in summer reunions and BBQ’s. If you’re tempted to put aside healthy habits, it can also mean sick-season! Don’t let this spring and summer season become a free-for-all that leaves you crashed out, stressed out, and sick. Just follow these 5 tips to reduce stress and boost your immunity so you can truly enjoy all that life has to offer.


Keep moving! By completing a workout out that brings forth a sweat or even spending some time in the sauna, you are helping the body naturally detoxify. Sweating will not only purge pent up energy and emotional stress, but will also keep fresh air in the lungs and help you fight any physical stress in the body. Try going for a hike to get fresh air, or even do a quick 20–30 minute basement workout. (Check out my TRYMFit Holiday Workout here!)


Take some “you” time to listen to what feels good in the body. Gentle yoga or light stretching can help the muscles relax, while practicing breathing techniques can help quiet the mind. Try counting the seconds for a full inhale as you fill up each part of the lung. When you exhale, try to slow down and make that number higher than the inhale. If the mind and body are in harmony, chances are you’ll sleep better and wake up more refreshed in the morning. Spend about 45–60 seconds in each stretch to allow your body to respond and release.


With life, work, family obligations, and deadlines to meet, sleep might not seem like the biggest priority. But before you skimp on your beauty rest, remember that 8 hours is the magic number to spending enough quality time in each sleep cycle. If you have trouble falling asleep, the first three tips are a great way to quiet the body and the mind to allow for sleepiness to settle in.


No, eating sugar and alcohol aren’t getting the stamp of approval. I’m suggesting you keep sugar and alcohol to a minimum! Both dramatically lower the immune system and increase inflammation in the body. Adding extra pounds to the body can also add to the stress. Enjoy your favorites while practicing moderation, and remember to drink plenty of water!


Staying on top of your health means being proactive. To boost your body’s natural ability to handle stress and sickness by supplementing with natural over-the-counter, store-bought items. Certain herbs and vitamins are known for their fight-the-good-fight capabilities. Products like SunWarrior Immune Shield is specifically designed to ward off symptoms at the first onset. Other vital nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, oregano oil, and essential oils to kill bacteria can make all the difference in how you feel.

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