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5 Ingredient Deodorant

With just 5 ingredients, you can raise your hands with reckless abandon. Stay dry and smell good with this 5 ingredient DIY deodorant!

Making your own all-natural, chemical-free deodorant is super easy and fun! You are eliminating chemicals in your lifestyle while still using something that keeps odors and sweat minimal. PLUS you’re keeping your immune system strong. You can also use different oils in this recipe to make different pleasing smells that have specific positive benefits for the body.

Raw coconut oil kills odor causing fungi, yeast, and bacteria. It’s also great because it will solidify the mixture when cold. Aluminum-free baking soda neutralizes odors. Arrowroot powder helps to absorb moisture. Sunwarrior Immune Shield is anti-bacterial, anti-Fungal, anti-viral, and immune boosting. Frankincense is an antiseptic and disinfectant. Frankincense oil is also immune boosting and is known to reduce anxiety and stress. Frankincense may help fight cancer, and deal with chemotherapy side effects.

Frankincense oil also helps with regulating estrogen production, hormone balancing, and reducing the effects of PMS. It is a nice, healing addition to your DIY deodorant that has practical disinfecting benefits but also cell health benefits.

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