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4 Basketball Exercises

Want to have fun and exercise at the same time? Of course you do! Who doesn’t want to find ways to enjoy their workouts, right? These four basketball exercises are where it's at.

Fitness trainer and dietician, Tim McComsey, is here to save the day with four basketball exercises you can do anywhere. Yes, basketball is your new path to fitness nirvana, whether you’re inside, outside, or somewhere in between. Do these four exercises one after another for thirty seconds each as one giant set. Rest for one minute, and then repeat it all again three more times. That’s it.

For the first exercise, put the ball on the ground. Do toe taps, alternating feet as fast and light as you can. Pick the ball up for the second exercise. You will do a squat with a throw. Put feet about shoulder length apart, toes slightly out. Raise the ball, bring it down, slam it on the ground as you squat, and then lift it back up. This uses legs and core. Move on to the third exercise by putting the ball back on the ground for some pushups. Place the ball under one hand and do one pushup before rolling the ball to the other hand. Beginners can start on their knees to make this one easier. Your last exercise will be a v-crunch with the ball. Lie flat on your back with the ball in your hands. Squeeze up to center and tap the ball on your shins. Go and do! You’ve got this!

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