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3 More Powerful Lifestyle Transition Tips

Having been involved in the world of diet and health for many years it has become very obvious that most of the focus is placed on objects outside of us. We focus our magnifying glass on food, exercise equipment, supplements, and success orientated programs. As a nature based nutritionist and peak performance coach I advocate all of these utilities for personal improvement. But more importantly, what I invite all of us to integrate is the fundamental pillars of a holistic lifestyle which amplify the effects we hope to derive from outside tools.

friends_women_female_coffee_cafe_relax_picTake the time to examine, review, and experiment with these three foundational aspects of inner and outer lifestyle transformation from my book The Life Food Peak Performance System.

Take a hold of your mind: The number one principle of success is a developing conviction in your chosen path. Stand firm in your decision to explore the fringes of better health and what natural foods can offer. Challenges will present themselves in the form of old food cravings and individuals who do not understand your vision. As you explore the wide variety of living plant foods you will uproot long held dormant frequencies within your being. Nothing is gained without effort, and nothing worth having is ever achieved without sacrifice. Be willing to transmute negative thought patterns into positive thought forms. You must be the alchemist of your own life. Convert disempowering statements into empowered statements that only serve you towards your glorious nature.

Supportive Friends & Family: The importance of your immediate environment cannot be overstated. In order to thrive forward on this path you must have a supporting cast who believe in you and support you when you are unable to support yourself. This can difficult for some in the beginning because many must contend with negative friends and family who do not share your enthusiasm. This is usually because you begin to represent a glimmering light inside of them that shines on their own self- destructive habits. If you do not have a support group in your immediate surroundings, then seek out a new cast to surround yourself with. There are thousands of raw food meet up groups all over the world. This movement has gained tremendous popularity and people are celebrating. Find those people through online social media. You will be surprised at how many enthusiasts may pop up in your central location. You must seeks them out though—it will not “always” just pop up in front of you. Take one step forward, and be astonished at how many doors open.

warm_woman_sleeping_nature_grass_outside_picTap into Nature: When all else fails, get into nature, breath fresh pristine air, get barefoot on the dirt and grass, press your chest against a mighty tree, dig deep inside your soul as you saturate your senses with nature’s ambiance. As humans living in concrete environments we are disconnected from our natural spring of inspiration: mother nature. The reason stress is at an all-time high is because people are not grounded (wearing shoes), eating lifeless food, drinking tap water, surrounded by electrical devices, and working occupations they can’t stand. This is why people go to the tropics for vacation or go camping in the wilderness. To literally “get away.” When people get to Costa Rica or Hawaii they are guided to the beach. The very first thing that happens is their body shuts down and they take a nap. All the stress from the city life dissipates and their body can regenerate itself. If you want to heal your body, do as an animal in the wild does. Stop eating food and find a quiet place in nature to rest your head. If you want to enhance creativity, do as Leonardo Da Vinci did. He was not immediately accepted into the Florence Academy of the Arts, so he journeyed into nature. He observed the waterfalls and wild life, seeking inspiration by following the patterns of nature. Transmute stress into action, and frustration into inspiration by tapping into nature’s brilliance.

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