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3 Powerful Life Transformation Tips

It’s important to understand that as we look to change our diet and lifestyle habits we are really transforming ourselves and reaping the inherent benefits. In order to change any habit we’ve built into our behavior through enough repetition, a reverse engineering process is involved. This means to examine our current results—releasing guilt, fear, or shame—and honestly evaluate where we stand and what led us to this point.

As we go through this process I encourage everyone to consider the concept of “subtraction by addition.” This is the exact opposite of dietary subtraction, meaning to simply remove things out of the diet without replacing them with something. The most effective way to transform ourselves is by upgrading an unhealthy habit to a healthy option and the habit of a lesser nature will naturally remove itself from our lives.

book_colorful_colors_rainbow_picConsider deeply these three tips for life transformation presented below from my book, The Life Food Peak Performance System.

Journaling: An action step of getting into nature could be breaking out a journal and recording your thoughts on paper. Whether in nature or in your day to day life this is an invaluable activity to take action on. By recording your thoughts you begin to illustrate the narrative of your own life. You become the author of your own story that is ever unfolding day by day, page by page, scene by scene.

Sometimes the frustration inside us is unorganized thoughts and emotions that become compressed within the tension of our stressful lives. We rarely take the time to sit back and examine the events of our lives; therefore they can compound upon each other very quickly. Write down your fears. Write down your frustrations. Write out loud in a freestyle manner until you fill up your journal and read back what you wrote. It will surprise you what shows up. Write out your goals on a clean piece of paper so it is official. If you think it, ink it! Remember, it’s not real until you write it out.

Go Hungry: Perhaps the best suggestion I can make is learning how to go stretches of time without eating. The biggest attachment we have in the western culture is towards food. We have an ingrained assumption that if we do not eat for a single day we will wither away. This is the furthest thing from the truth.

The beauty of the living foods lifestyle is it presents you with the reality that less is more; in terms of food this is a powerful discovery. In my opinion, it’s the most powerful understanding for life transformation. The less time you spend eating, the more time you can devote to daily tasks and working on your dreams.

water_glass_ice_lemon_picFood is often used as a tool for escaping our emotions or the mundane tendencies of our daily life. Take a day off from food and just drink juice. Take a day off from all of it and just drink water. Test yourself by testing your previous assumptions. Feel how your brain begins to turn on like a light bulb as you are properly hydrated and carrying less baggage. Drink more, eat less, and unveil a new living life force within!

The Saturation Point: Get familiar with this concept as it will serve you for life. Saturate your day with positive life behaviors at every moment possible. When you have 5 minutes to spare, take that time to do the most empowering activity available. Saturate your mind with personal development material that deepens your resolve and conviction. Saturate your body with as many live foods and superfoods as possible. Remember, no one is perfect all the time; we all make mistakes and give in to temptation from time to time. If you flood yourself with more empowered behaviors than not, over time this will create a tipping of the scales. The occasional bad habit will be outweighed by productive habits; this is called the saturation point.

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