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3 Easy Steps to Superior Digestion

by Linda Kordich

Many digestion issues are the result of a lack of something in the diet. Take back your health with these tips!

woman_eating_tomato_asparagus_pepper_corn_picFor the almost 35 years I’ve been teaching juicing, I’ve been fortunate to witness hundreds of people benefit by making the choice to juice fresh organic cabbage for troubles such as ulcers, GERD, acid reflux, and other digestive problems, including leaky gut. If you suffer from any kind of digestive challenges, fresh cabbage juice can come to your rescue, helping heal these highly challenging disorders.

Superior digestion is vital our health! In fact, some experts say that without superior digestion and assimilation, we will be fighting food related diseases our entire life.

First, Let’s Talk About the Stomach

Did you know, from your mouth to the anus, we have about 30 plus feet of canals? The small intestine is about 18 to 21 feet long, and our large intestine (the colon) is about 5 feet long. Can you imagine that every piece of food or liquid we consume has to take this journey?

This is precisely why we need to think about what we are eating and consuming. Every bite of food or sip of liquid we consume plays a huge role in our vital health, especially the health of our colon, large and small.

So many of us are suffering from intestinal diseases—in fact, millions of us suffer from debilitating indigestion, gas, bloating, and other stomach disorders—that we can honestly say almost 50% of people who write to us complain of this specific challenge.

Enzymes in the Diet

saurkraut_cabbage_ferment_probiotics_healthy_bowl_picThe reasons why these challenges exist are simple, actually. We are not eating enough enzyme rich foods. Enzymes are prolific when we consume fresh foods that are not cooked: specifically, fruits, vegetables, cultured foods like yogurt, and fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi.

Our ancestors ate huge amounts of these kinds of foods, as well as eating a preponderance of fermented condiments. Fermented foods are rich in enzymes! Enzymes help digest our foods naturally, just like the enzymes we use in our laundry cleans out stains. It’s only been recently that the powerful healing role enzymes play in our diet were discovered as being integral to sustaining our superior health.

Back in the 1950s, Jay Kordich, my husband, worked with Dr. Garnet Chaney by administering fresh cabbage juices to the men in Alcatraz prison in San Francisco. He worked with prisoners because these were the men who were the most traumatized, the ones who had very little medical care, and who would benefit from this treatment the most, considering the poor foods they were being fed as well. Despite the food, they healed. Within 30 days all of them noticed significant improvement, and within 90 days 90% of the prisoners were healed from peptic and/or duodenal ulcers.

Jay and I have found that the challenges we face with all these new stomach diseases can be ameliorated by making just a few adjustments in our diet.

First Adjustment: A Juice Recipe

cabbage_carrots_celery_veggies_juicing_ingredients_digestion_long_pic3C’s Tummy Tonic

(makes 24 ounces)


2 cups green or red cabbage

8 ribs celery

8 carrots (or two cucumbers)

½ inch fresh ginger root

Drink this daily for 30 days. This tonic has high levels of glutamine which has been clinically shown to help stomach troubles. What makes these tonics so effective is that they are also rich in enzymes, actually accelerating the healing process.

Second Adjustment: Take Hydrochloric Acid/Pepsin Supplements

Jay and I have found that this particular supplement helps tremendously with those who suffer from stomachaches, indigestion, and gallbladder disorders as well as all other stomach disorders.

Third Adjustment: Find an Effective Enzyme and Probiotic Supplement

I personally like the Good Belly liquid coconut probiotic drink. We recommend drinking up to three to four of these weekly, along with eating a high alkaline diet* (see below).

Lastly, let us say that quality of life is of the utmost importance. Who we associate with, how much we can give to others with love, and how much love and gratitude we can muster up as each day progresses is vital. In the same breath, let us say that what we eat has an enormous effect on how we think and how we feel from day to day. Our bodies are magnificent machines, and it’s up to us to take care of them as if they’re the most precious thing we own, because they are!

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