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3 Dairy-Free Nut Milk Recipes + Recipe Videos

Nut milks are full of healthy fats needed for optimal health without all the downsides to dairy milks. Check ‘em out and have a drink to good health!

A Gracious Living Lifestyle is all about fresh foods, living foods, whole foods, raw foods, plants foods, superfoods, and REAL FOOD for peak performance and abundant energy. We are living beings made of cells, so it only makes sense to eat live foods filled with nutrition that maximize the performance of our cells.

Almond milk is great, but variety is greater! Keep things interesting by giving these yummy dairy-free nut milks a try. The nuts featured in the milk recipes below are full of good fats that are needed for optimal health. These heart-healthy fats also make for super creamy milks. If you really want to make almond milk, simply swap out the nuts in these recipes with almonds!

These are just some of the recipes in the BRAND NEW Gracious Living Lifestyle Healing Series E-books with accompanying videos. My passion is helping others heal and prevent diseases, and live the life of their dreams, by eating as clean as possible. The cleaner we eat, the better our bodies and brains work, giving us clarity and focus to better handle life’s stresses and move in the direction of our limitless potential.

These eBooks contain some of my favorite raw food recipes designed to heal the body rapidly. They are super easy, delicious, and nutrient dense. These recipes were chosen to show you that healthy eating does not have to be complicated or require hours in the kitchen. There are so many variations you can do with these simple, healing recipes. Every recipe includes ingredients that help your cells thrive and work to the best of their ability. The beauty of these ingredients is that they are versatile and easy to use in different kinds of recipes, sweet or savory. We are not only learning to become efficient inside of our bodies, but we are also learning to become more efficient in the kitchen!

Want to learn more, feel better, and have fun in the kitchen? You can purchase Grace’s healing recipe collection on her website:

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