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Optimal Skin Health Guide

What would you guess is the most common thing I get asked about?

Raw food? Weight loss?

Actually, probably the most common topic I get asked about is skin health!

Of course, this is a problem that comes up a lot for people losing weight. If you lose a lot of weight, then it can be a real worry whether your skin will tighten again. After all, many feel saggy skin is more unattractive than extra weight.

But even if you’re just losing a little extra weight, like 10 or 20 pounds, skin issues often come up.

As you know, I lost all my excess weight following a 100% raw food diet. This is a really effective and healthy way to do it, but it requires a lot of detoxification, which can put a lot of extra burden on the skin.


The bottom line: anytime you decide to get healthier, whether it’s eating raw, or exercising more, you put a strain on your elimination organs, especially your skin…and problems can flare up.

What to do?

Because I really care about your health, and really want to see you succeed in your transformation, I’ve put together a free video for you, telling you everything you need to know about skin health. This is from three of the world’s leading experts in health, absolutely free.

This video is part of a special series I am going to be doing on weight loss, skin health, and transforming your body.

Joining us today is Daniel Vitalis and Elwin Robinson on Optimal Skin Health, particularly with focus on healing the body after and during weight loss. Find more about the authors below.

Skin Health Topics Covered


  • Why it's important
  • How to use it
  • What it does in the body
  • Safety cautions


  • What does it do?
  • How much to use?
  • How to make it taste good

Skin Brushing

  • How often to do it

  • Which way to use the brush
  • What goes on behind the scenes

Saunas and other methods

  • Hot/Cold Showers

  • Cold Plunges
  • Sauna
  • Weight Training
  • Colonics


  • Why breath is important for skin health
  • Types of breathing


  • Importance of water and skin
  • Type of water to drink
  • Getting hydrated

Other Supplements

  • Niacin

  • Silica
  • Elk Antler

Philip McCluskey is a motivational speaker, author, blogger, and is incredibly passionate about raw foods. He is the author of The World’s Sexiest Diet and 12 Steps to Optimal Health. Being overweight his entire life, with 30 failed diet attempts, he surpassed morbid obesity and skyrocketed to a max weight of 400 lbs. After hitting rock bottom he was ready to go the gastric bypass route when he discovered a different route, raw foods. By switching to a 100% raw vegan diet overnight, he's lost over 215 lbs and is on the fast track to rediscovering his new superhero existence. Learn more about Philip McCluskey"

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