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17 Gracious Living Tips For Energized Living

When we are filled with energy, life is better. And easier!

Here are 17 Gracious Living tips for energized living, learning to live life consciously and with awareness to connect to our personal power which is oh so energizing!

Hydrate your cells. Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep energy levels high, your metabolism firing, and to increase toxin removal.smoothie_protein_powder_sunwarrior_pic

Fuel your body. Eat clean, nourishing, whole foods that are easily digested, absorbed, and eliminated, and reduce inflammation in the body. Drink a Sunwarrior smoothie every day for plant-based protein and optimal muscle recovery that is extremely energizing to the body

Move your body. Our bodies are designed to move. Keep your muscles strong, sweat to release toxins, get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing, and stretch out your muscles. Just do it. Not only does this help to increase our health, which is energizing, but moving the body also helps to release stagnant, negative energy.

Relax your mind. Implement meditation into your daily life. Sitting in silence every day helps to calm your nervous system, slow down your thoughts, recharge your batteries, and create inner peace and clarity. Giving yourself this gift of focused silence energizes your life. Put a timer on and just start with 5 minutes a day.

Get enough sleep. When our bodies get enough sleep, we have more energy. Make it a priority. This point is very important yet so many people do not take it seriously. The entire physical body works more efficiently (which means more energy) when it has had proper rest.

Surround yourself with people who support you. A loving, supportive network of people around you (family, friends, work) energizes you. We all know this. Being around negative people, especially all the time, is energetically draining.

Do things you love. As much as possible. When we are fully absorbed and loving what we do, we are filled with happiness and energy.

creative_boy_paint_painting_picTap into your creativity. The more you can find opportunities to share your unique expression, the more you will radiate positive energy.

Stop numbing yourself. Numbing yourself with things, patterns, behaviors, are ways to avoid pain and escape your truth. It’s draining on your soul. The truth is you are amazing! You are a gift to this world. Uncover your greatness. It’s time.

Keep learning. Learning new things and experiencing new concepts is energizing and revitalizing. Expanding our minds with knowledge gives us more information on how to interpret the world and ourselves, which helps to increase confidence as a human being in this world. This confidence is energizing.

Travel. Experience new things. Understand your world better. Taste new things. See new sights. Make new friends. Remove yourself from your daily life and take a vacation to not only rejuvenate and relax, but to add some energizing, adventurous fun to your life.

Be silly. Don’t take things so seriously. Remember the bigger picture. Smile, laugh, joke, be a goofball! Positivity and laughter increase our vibrations and energy.

Embrace the flow of life. When we resist the lessons of the universe, we suffer, which is energetically draining. Accept mistakes as part of growth and use them to make you stronger and wiser. There is a lesson in everything, an opportunity to evolve. Find it. Otherwise you get stuck in the past.

girl_on_swing_sundress_picLet your emotions be your teacher. Do not run from them; they are there for a reason. Feel them, know them, understand them, embrace them. Let them guide you towards more growth and a better understanding of who you really are. This equates to personal freedom which equates to energized living. The more we run from our feelings, the more problems they cause for us.

Breathe. When we learn to breathe properly and with intention, we increase oxygen in the body. When we bring more oxygen into our cells, the heart rate slows, blood pressure lowers, and circulation is improved, leading to more energy. Deep breathing also helps to calm the mind and reduce stress.

Help others. Share your love and energy to help and support those that need it. People you know, people you don’t know. Something big, something small. The act of helping energizes your spirit as we connect through compassion.

Love yourself. To be able to do all these things on the list requires self-love and self-respect. When we can learn to love ourselves and the bodies we live in a little bit more every day, we become energized by our own love. And this is the best source of energy of all.

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