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12 Healthy Tips for a healthy New Year – Part 1

New Year, new you. The following monthly tips should help you get off to a good healthy start for the year.

From January through June you have six tips that can help you stay focused and help you achieve a healthier body with more energy vitality.

January – Power of Exercise

January is the month of resolutions, and one of the biggest resolutions, of course, is exercise. Seeing that January is also one of the busiest months of the year at health clubs, it is fitting to start here with exercise as your number one health tip for the New Year. But you don’t have to join a gym to exercise. Make it about exercise everywhere you go. Incorporate it into your daily activities and routines.

There are so many cool and easy ways to slip in some exercise during your day. For instance, if you’re standing at a bus stop, you can stand on your tiptoes and work your calves. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is always a good one. If you haven’t already, invest in a Fitbit and track your steps during the day.

You cannot leave exercise out of the equation; it is essential to good health, as is healthy eating. If you don’t know where to start, hire a trainer. Our body is meant to move. So move every day. Take a break from regularly sitting throughout the day to stretch, walk a flight of stairs, squat, dance. Try a new workout. There are endless workouts and people who can motivate you on YouTube. Find out what works for you, and do it!

February – Water is Your Body’s Lifeline

This month, take a look at your water intake. Are you drinking enough? Water hydrates, detoxes, and cleanses your body. We often mistake being thirsty with being hungry instead. In fact, most of the time our body is dehydrated and requires more water, not food. If you are aiming for weight loss water is the way to go. Drinking water helps to curb your appetite. For some of us who have to live through the winter months, it might be a little more challenging to drink enough water to keep hydrated. If that’s the case, try drinking hot water straight or with some lemon. Hot water is warm and comforting and can replace your morning java. Take it with you in a thermos so that it keeps warm. Sip it throughout the day. It not only keeps you snug and toasty, but it also cleanses the body and helps keep the weight off. Believe it or not, hot water can be a powerful dietary strategy.

March – Travel Tips for a Healthy Spring Break

So far, you are two months into the New Year, and you are on a roll. You are eating healthy, and exercising. You’re feeling pretty good. You want to continue to keep up with this new you even now that you are going on a short vacation. If you are a spring break traveler and are committed to eating healthy, here are a few tips to keep you going. Pack some healthy goodies for the plane ride: nuts, dried fruits, seaweed snacks, whole grain crackers with hummus, and fruit can tide you over on the plane ride. We know that airplane food is packed with unhealthy choices. So skip the plane food and pack your own. Be smart when you’re eating out. Skip the bread basket and butter. Opt for steamed veggies instead of heavy carbs. Do your research ahead of time and check out what the restaurants are offering that is healthy. Lastly, don’t be afraid to speak up. Express your nutrition requests to the hotel and wait staff. Remember, nice requests are more readily met than the other kind. Eventually, making requests will become second nature.

April – Spring Clean Your Body

This month, take some time and detox your body. It can be a day, a week, or the whole month. Our body comes into contact with many toxins throughout the day. You can opt for a home detox program, green juice or green smoothie cleanse, or simply just eat organic fresh vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, and herbal teas. Simply removing foods such as refined sugar and animal protein and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables can start the release of toxins from the body. Adding herbs such as milk thistle and cilantro can help to accelerate the detoxification process. You can also add some infrared sauna sessions and skin brushing which can increase the release of toxins. A detox helps you feel lighter, encourages the elimination of waste, and increases your energy.

May – Fine Tune Your Diet

So now that you are exercising, drinking water, and detoxing, it is time to fine tune your diet. This month, take inventory. What is your problem area? Too many carbs, sugar, too much food? Whatever your nemesis is, commit this month to improving your diet. If carbs are your nemesis, then scale back to only one carb a day. If you like eating desserts, try low-fat options or a healthier dessert choice. For inspiration, Pinterest has endless selections for healthier alternatives. If portion control is your problem, then fill up on vegetables first. They are low in calories and are nutrient dense.

June – Start Planting and Eat Organic

If you are not already doing so, eat more organic fruits and vegetables this month. Organic foods are raised free from synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other toxins, and they grow in ways that protect natural resources. Read up on the Environmental Working Groups’ Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 foods, which list (from highest to lowest) the level of pesticides. Washing may reduce some of the pesticides in your foods but not a lot. Alternatively, instead of buying organic fruits and vegetables, why not grow your own garden? Having a garden can be fun and very rewarding. June is a good time to plant vegetables. You can plant your favorite vegetables in a pot if you lack garden space, plant fresh herbs and place the box on a windowsill. Having your own garden is cost effective and convenient. By choosing to eat more organically, you avoid exposing your body to potential toxins. This can help you harness the best possible result for your overall heath.

This concludes Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming to you midyear to help keep you motivated for the rest of the year. Good luck and Happy New Year!

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