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10 Ways To Not Gain Weight Over The Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s very common to put on weight during this time of the year. Most people simply indulge more during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. However, if we are mindful, we can still indulge while not putting on a pound. Here’s how:

1) If you are going to a friend or family member’s house, bring a healthy dish along that you love. Bringing something healthy will ensure that there is something with which you can fill your plate. I highly recommend bringing a healthier dessert option or a vegetable side.

salad_before_dinner_improves_digestion_pic2) Put all of the food you plan on having on one plate. Savor it. Do not go back for seconds.

3) Make sure that you have a salad before your meals whenever possible. The greens have digestive enzymes, which will help you better digest your food. In addition, this will fill you up before you embark on the decadent stuff.

4) Do not forgo going to the gym, even while on vacation. If you are away from your regular gym, go for a run or a long walk the next day. Do not make excuses for yourself. Working out is most important after overindulging. Step up your workout if you have fallen prey to excessive eating. Aim for more cardio.

limit_the_sweets_consumed_pic5) Go ahead, have some dessert! Be sure to not overdo it though. Do you really need a slice of each pie or can you just stick to a slice of your favorite kind? I suggest the latter. If you really have to try a few different desserts, aim for only a couple of bites of each.

6) Do not arrive to a holiday party hungry already. Be sure to have a healthy snack before leaving the house. This does not mean that you should be full upon arrival. However, anyone who is starving will be most likely to snack on unhealthy treats or hors d’oeuvres. Try having a piece of fruit before leaving home.

7) Chew slowly and enjoy conversation. This will allow time for you to fill up with less food rather than eating as much as you can.

autumn_leaves_pic8) Limit your alcohol consumption. If you drink too much, you will also loose control over how much you are eating. These drinks will also add up in calories eventually. Skip drinking while eating altogether. This only slows down digestion. Forget the eggnog, which is especially high in calories. Aim to have wine spritzers, which are lower in calories and alcohol content. Who wants to drink too much around grandma or your parents anyway?

9) Do not try everything you bake or cook. Have someone else have the honors!

10) Get adequate sleep. If we lack sleep, we tend to crave foods that are high in sugar for quick energy. Also, you are not going to want to exercise if you are sleepy.

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