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10 Day Smoothie Detox | Detox Water | Koya Webb

Ten days to detox with Koya Webb’s smoothie detox challenge!

Fitness Expert, Yogi, and lover of all things healthy, Koya Webb, is here with a 10 day smoothie detox challenge to help your insides, your mind, and your overall well-being. Before she gives you the first smoothie, she shares a tip on how she starts her day. Every day, Koya drinks at least a gallon of water (and she stores her water in a glass jug to avoid harmful toxins that come from plastic).

However, she isn't drinking the normal, clear water you may be used to. She creates a concoction that she calls “dirty water.” Begin by filling your glass with 8 ounces of water. Then add cayenne pepper for a boost to your metabolism and energy. Next she adds a drop of essential oil (just use your favorite flavor). Add a squeeze of lemon, give it a quick mix, and drink it up. Dirty water is a tasty, cleansing way to start your day. You’ll be left feeling vibrant, alive, and energetic … possibly the best you’ve ever felt!

Balance your hormones and energy levels naturally!"

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