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Sunwarrior Coaching App Now Available

This isn't a calorie tracker, biohacking app or trendy fad diet.

Our app is so much better than any of those because it combines all your meals into one easy to follow plan with shopping lists and recipes that help you understand how different foods interact together. Whats more is you have the ability to communicate with a certified health coach.

Create Lasting, sustainable change

What you'll get:

This proven weight management program provides a lot of benefits:

  • Understanding food combination
  • Understanding hormonal response to food
  • Detoxifying meal plans with recipes
  • Information on how to eat and what to eat during the day & night
  • Body Cleansing help
  • Daily Hydration
  • Help for mental health and wellbeing
  • Continued 20% savings on supplements
  • Access to Dr. Doug and Certified Health Coaches

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So who is it for, exactly?

Those that want to take the next step towards a proven weight management program.

With the Sunwarrior Total Health Plan, you can finally unlock your body's natural ability to burn fat and stay healthy while saving money. It includes a daily meal plan with shopping lists for all foods needed; workouts tailored just right according to the type of activity level you are; whether it be morning yoga or running after work; recipes teaching how to cook delicious meals without any fuss.

Once you have mastered the eating and exercising portion, there will be a mental and spiritual series available to help you really lock in and make a true lasting change.

Check Email for Invite Code

How to Get Started

Download the app and purchase your Total Health Collection.

Note: Currently our Ormus Supergreens are out of stock but we have Beauty Greens Collagen which can replace it in the meantime.

This total health plan is what your health has been waiting for, so get started on living your best life now!


Do I have to buy all products in the bundle?

No, but for best results and savings, we recommend you do.

How long is the program?

There is no specific timeline but the best results start to show within the first 90 days.

Can I share this app?

Absolutely, in order to get the best results, we recommend they sign up for Subscribe & Save.

Will I speak with a Health Coach?

Certainly, if you don't speak with Dr. Doug, he will assign a registered health professional.

I signed up and don't see the exercise plan or mental and spiritual cards?

For greater success, we deliver information and content over 90 days to ensure proper absortion of materials at the recommended time.

For any questions please email:

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