About Sunwarrior

Nick Stern, Sunwarrior Co-founder
At the age of thirteen, NIck Stern began his health journey. He had a small frame and wanted to build muscle and began lifting weights. At the time, his sister-in-law worked at a health food store and provided Nick with some guidance and introduced him to nutrient-rich wheatgrass juice. On one of his visits, Nick browsed the book section and Paul Braggs’ Miracle of Fasting: Proven Throughout History For Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation caught his eye. As he thumbed through the pages, he was captivated by its message. He took immediate action, bought a juicer, started fasting, and eating cleaner.

He started building muscle and felt amazing energy. His friends mocked him for strict adherence to his healthy choices by calling him ‘Nature Boy’.

In his late twenties and early thirties, Nick started training his body for competition. He began picking up the latest muscle magazines and read how important adding massive amounts of calories and animal protein five to six times a day in order to get the gains necessary to compete. Nick bought in since other competitors he knew were following that regimen and cosmetically, seemed to have found the path.

Unfortunately, just a few years later, Nick discovered the delayed and hidden consequences from the use of animal protein from the buildup of uric acid and heavy lifting.

In his fifties, Nick concluded he was going to return to the health basics he learned in his youth. Nick returned to a mostly raw food plant-based diet to reduce the uric acid and promote the goal of longevity he had created in his youth.

Denley Fowlke, Sunwarrior Co-founder
Denley grew up working in his parents’ fruit stand. They had plenty of fresh produce to choose from, but as Denley explains it, his daily diet consisted of Twinkies, Coke, and a puff of smoke. By the time he reached his teens, Denley was not a well boy. He developed asthma and other lung issues and was constantly sick.

When Denley was 13, his mother read a book by Ann Wigmore which recommended wheatgrass juice for its amazing healing qualities. She started growing and juicing wheatgrass to help restore his health. Without her knowing, Denley had been smoking cigarettes from age 10. When he first started drinking wheatgrass, a feeling of wellness and euphoria came over him, which he had never felt before. It was then that Denley recognized that what he put in his body, made a difference in how he felt.

Denley finally quit smoking at age eighteen when was given 6 months to live by his doctor. That day, Denley smoked his last cigarette.

Denley started reading books on how to improve his health. After his daughters were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, he resolved he would do whatever it takes to save their lives. He continued his journey seeking knowledge for his family and they became vegetarian when he was twenty-five.

As his journey progressed with books, personal experiences, and other key guides, Denley chose a vegan lifestyle and then went completely raw.

The co-founders’ paths connected them in 2007 and they met at the Raw Food Festival in Sedona, Arizona. Nick identified a need for vegetarians and vegans, especially those who wanted to gain or maintain muscle. There needed to be a clean burning, vegan protein powder with a complete amino acid profile, and, it had to taste good. Their ideas became a plan, and after multiple tests and persistence, Sunwarrior created its first raw, plant-based protein powder, with a mission to Nourish & Transform The Planet.