So Why Did We Make the Change?
We did it mainly to answer a reoccurring question we’ve had for years: How are your three proteins different, and which one should I use? I’m sure you’ve experienced similar questions and probably didn’t always have answers.
old sunwarrior tubs
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new classic protein new classic plus protein new warrior blend protein
We Decided it was Time to Fix That!
The new labels make each protein distinctive and instantly recognizable, no matter where they are on the shelf, even across the room. They also do a better job of focusing on the lifestyles of your customers.
Dont Worry!
New Look - Still the Same Sunwarrior!
Each one remains everything you’ve come to expect from Sunwarrior: amazing proteins made with quality plant-based ingredients. Warrior Blend and Classic Plus are the same great formula. Our Classic has been adjusted slightly to meet organic certification.
classic protein has been improved with organic certification.

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