What we did to Warrior Blend Protein and Why

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Warrior Blend has experienced a reboot, here’s the skinny on why Sunwarrior upped their game and made Warrior Blend protein even better!

Let’s talk about change. Change can be painful and hard to swallow, but it can also be a good thing, if it’s guided toward something better. We were very careful about our decisions to make  our Warrior Blend protein even better.

Our Warrior Blend protein has always been fantastic, but there was some room for improvement. We started with the ingredients.

Things we changed:

  • The superfood goji berry replaces cranberry seed
  • Wholefood ground coconut replaces coconut oil
  • Guar replaces fenugreek and Konjac fibers

Why we changed them:

  • Complete Organic Certification
  • Use less-processed, whole-food ingredients
  • Boost antioxidants, vitamin C, and flavonoids
  • Improve flavor, aroma, and texture
  • Pave the way for new flavors
  • Make the best Warrior Blend possible

Why we decided on Goji:

goji_berries_red_fruit_healthy_superfood_picGoji berries are antioxidant rich, superfood berries that come full of vitamin C and flavonoids. Cranberry seed has some great benefits, but it was getting harder and harder to find organic sources that weren’t too expensive. We didn’t want to pass our expenses on to you.

Goji berries also made more sense as they are far less processed. The whole berry is simply dried and ground. Cranberries had to be deseeded before those seeds were dried and ground. We removed one step.

Why we decided on Coconut:

Coconut oil is amazing, and we love everything about it. Unfortunately it is very hard to make into a powder. The oil has to be mixed with binders and fillers before it is added to the mix, otherwise you would end up with a clumpy mess. Those binders and fillers aren’t exactly the unprocessed result we’re looking for. They also became difficult and expensive to find in organic forms.

Whole coconut comes to the rescue! Coconut naturally contains the beneficial oil and can be ground into a powder without having to add binders, emulsifiers, fillers, or anything else. It made sense to go with the less processed option that still has the anti-inflammatory coconut oil locked inside it.

Why we decided on Guar:

The fibers we use in our proteins help make a smooth and delicious smoothie out of our blend of ingredients that don’t always want to mix well on their own. Rather than a gritty beverage that separates into weird layers, you get something you aren’t ashamed to drink in public. That’s the magic of certain fibers that absorb the right amount of liquid and hold all the ingredients together.

guar_picGuar comes from a bean, is readily found as organic, and has been used in baking and supplements for a long time, long enough to show how safe and amazing it can be. Fenugreek and Konjac fibers sound more exotic, but that comes at the cost of being harder to get, more expensive, and not always guaranteed to be organic. We wanted organic or nothing.

What does this mean now?

Warrior Blend is smoother, better tasting, and less processed. It manages all this while being organic certified and still rocking its amazing amino acid profile. It also means we’re ready to bring you two new flavors, now that the formula is pretty near perfect. You’ll see Berry and Mocha hitting store shelves soon, if you haven’t already. Yes, they are as fantastic as they sound.

3 reasons you need protein!

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  • I only discovered this once my order arrived and am gutted! I love warrior blend, but have a nightshade intolerance so can't eat goji. I've had to give it away to a friend and am not keen on the classic protein so will have to look elsewhere :(

  • RAW OR NOT? The only change that matters is why the word "raw" is not used anymore describing the protiens in the list of ingredients. Why? are they the same? Or not? If not raw then your protien has done more than change a few ingredients. It changed the whole product. Period. Guar and Golji berries mean nothing if the protien powder is not RAW anymore. Period. I just received my order from Amazon and noticed the from cover AND list of ingredients are different. Really? How about notifying Amazon the difference before you sell products from them. And don't worry Amazon already received my notice too. Amazon shows one picture of the Label saying Raw but we receive the now "rebooted" Plant Based label instead version.

    • Moderator

      We still use the same ingredients and the same processes as always. We do not cook our ingredients and we keep temperatures low while we dry, powder, mix, and package our proteins and superfoods. Unfortunately there have been many health scares lately with raw foods. E-coli and other food-borne bacteria have become all too common, leading our ingredient suppliers to request we move away from highlighting any language about raw. We’ve chosen to honor their requests to avoid losing buyers as more and more raw foods become suspect.

    • In reply to Sunwarrior's comment

      awesome. Thank you for your quick reply. Sorry for the angry comment but I hope you understand my concerns. The label and list of ingredients did not mention raw anymore and I thought Sunwarrior did away with raw. I am VERY HAPPY to hear this. You just kept a customer.

      And the new taste is delicious.

      thank you again,
      Ronnie DePesa

      PS. next time I recommend you make some type of note on your labels describing how everything in the protiens is exactly the same except for the new rebooted changes to avoid high strung customers like me commenting :)