The Best Coconut Oil

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the_best_coconut_oit_imageAfter posting our favorite 50 uses for coconut oil, we’ve been asked several times what the best brand of coconut oil we happen to like the most is. There are so many great ones out there that it became nearly impossible for us to pick just one. So we, here at Sunwarrior, put our heads and our taste buds together (not literally though) to pick our favorites and narrow it down to five. Here are the best ones we enjoy in no particular order.

Artisana – Artisana’s coconut oil is non-hydrogenated, unrefined, extra virgin, and certified organic. It has a wonderful coconut flavor and aroma and, as a bonus, comes in a glass jar. Check out their other coconut products, including coconut butter.

Nutiva – Nutiva is by far the favorite of almost everyone we polled for the quality and cost. It is inexpensive, delicious, certified organic, unrefined, cold-pressed, extra virgin, and chemical free. Nutiva has traditionally come in BPA-free plastic containers, but they now offer this great product in glass too. We love this coconut oil. We haven’t tried their Coconut Mana, but it looks amazing.

Maison Orphée – Maison Orphée makes organic and gourmet oils and condiments. Their coconut oil is of the highest quality. It’s organic, extra virgin, pearly white, gorgeous, delicious, and comes in a glass jar.

Ojio – This one has been used frequently by many in the office and it is very high quality, extra virgin, chemical free, non-hydrogenated, and uses cold centrifuge extraction. It also comes in glass to avoid BPA and other toxins.

Dr Bronner’s – Dr Bronner is better known for his natural and organic soaps, but he makes an excellent extra virgin coconut oil too. This oil is also cold pressed and organic with a delicate coconut aroma and flavor that will leave you feeling happy and energized.

Each one of these will fulfill all the uses that made our original list and more. These are the best of the best, but there are many brands out there that will meet your needs. Nature’s Way and Barlean’s narrowly missed making the top 5 list as they are excellent products, but not offered in glass. Check them out too. And if you come across another brand, just make sure you read the labels and choose what works for you and your life.

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  • I was told by a friend of mine who gives this to her small breed dog and how it benefits their skin, coat and is a natural anti-inflammatory. I have done my homework on what to look for in a good quality coconut oil. Some of these brands, IMO, are WAY overpriced. It has gotten to the point of just because a brands is not Fair-Trade certified puts it lower on the list. Since I am new to this, I was told to look for 3 major things: That it is Virgin/Unrefined, Cold-pressed and should be in a glass container. If it happens to be organic and free of GMO then that's even better but was not on the list of what is of most importance.

    I have found that ALDI, yes I said the discount food chain ALDI carries a pretty decent coconut oil product. It is called SimplyNature, comes in a 14oz glass container, Virgin unrefined, cold-pressed and is both OTCO and USDA organic. The coconuts are a product of the Philippines (just like Tropical Traditions).. The cost was only $5.00

  • Not sure if this is still active from looking at the old posts. I was wondering If Barlean's Organic Coconut Oil Gourmet is a healthy choice . It does not say unrefined. I have heard so many things out there and it is getting confusing as which ones are really healthy for you and which ones are not. I was wondering if this is still healthy for you or am I wasting my money here? Please advise.

  • There is no such thing as "extra-virgin" coconut oil.
    Using that term, unless you're talking about olive oil, is essentially "adding pretty words" to boost perceived value (i.e. charging more for it).

    I'm disappointed that you haven't corrected this myth in your publishing, Charlie, especially since this has become a more popular oil as the hype builds (my friend and I call it the "the new Chia Seed'. You know, the one food that will fix your health, skin, hair, teeth, relationships, income, status, and will possibly get you that last box seat at the Botocelli concert).

    if you want people to respect your position and take you for your word, you need to keep up to date with the subject, and edit as needed.

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      In reply to Otter's comment

      Thank you, Otter. This article is two years old. I'll take a look at adding some edits. There is such a thing as extra virgin coconut oil, but it really only applies to people who make their own and it doesn't really change the benefits much, whether it's the first pressing or the third, so I agree with you. I still love chia and coconut oil, even if they haven't managed to get me into any concerts just yet. Do you think one could get a band back together for me? That would be nice. ;)

    • It has also been found that heat processed coconut oil releases more antioxidants. I agree that all this organic, extra and cold pressed are just advertising hype.

  • HI from Ronnie,

    Without any doubt the best coconut oil is:


    I would recomend this delicious oil to anyone who wants the BEST!!!

    I just buy and enjoy!

  • Has anyone used Divine Organics 100% RAW coconut oil, i want to buy. But i don't know if it is fake or not.

  • I have cancer about coconut oil benefits! For Coconut oil...would you know if the Nina International Brand (Coconut Oil) is considered a good brand. Not chemically treated and uses heat to extract the oil, so it has higher antioxidants?

    Nina is the prevalent brand in my area.

    I hope someone would know!!



  • What about Trader Joes coconut oil

  • I use to buy Dr. Bonner, and when first diagnosed with cancer, went for the cold pressed, as I was lead to believe at the time, was the best. Couldn't find Dr. Bonner when I went to buy more and now thru more research seem to find that the HEVCO is the best (heated) because it has shown to have more antioxidants..... your thoughts and which brand would you suggest? Thank you, oh by the way cancer free!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Tamra's comment

      So glad you are cancer free, Tamra! It does appear to be true that wet-milled, heated coconut oil concentrates the antioxidants. It's hard to know what brands actually use this method. I go for organic, glass packaged coconut oils and just stick with the ones I like most. You will get a good dose of the antioxidants and healthy fats with just about any of those.

  • Years ago Goya made coconut oil. It was the beat oil ever. I use to put it in my hair. It kept my hair nice even in bad weather. But they discontinued it and I haven't found any that compares to it. It's consistency was ao smooth and thick, not like water.

  • I have grown up around coconuts and have lived with it all my life. Its a shame that the "west" doesn't really understand coconut. Cold press oils, DME oils, expeller pressed oils are not virgin coconut oils at all. Also, its a pity that many online web hosts, nutritionists and gurus have absolutely no idea what true virgin coconut oil is at all. Virgin coconut oil as it is called has been produced in the pacific for as long as we know, and it is produced using a natural method of separation with no heat or mechanised assistance. That is the purest form from a technique that was perfected by our ancestors well over a thousand years ago. The true virgin coconut oil is produced by our local households daily. Just my two cents

    • You are very misinformed. Fermented coconut oil is the least sanitary way of making Virgin oil because hydrolysis has a major impact on the free fatty acid content of the oil. Thus fermented coconut oil has the highest levels of free radicals and no extremely short shelf life... Not exactly the best to consume by a wide margin.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Dan's comment

      Thank you for the backup, Dan.

    • Moderator

      Thank you, Satish. I agree that it would be best to get it from fresh coconuts as you do without the assistance of mechanics. Unfortunately not many of us have access to fresh coconuts here. I live in the desert myself. The "virgin" coconut oil we find in stores is a decent runner up in my book, far better than relying on trans fats or too many animal fats. There are many coconut oils that do not use heat, though most do use mechanical means to extract the oil. Then again mechanical vises have been a part of oil extraction for thousands of years.

  • My father in law has been diagnosed with ALS and has been dealing with muscle pain, he saw an article about the benefits of coconut oil. This website was helpful in learning what the benefits really are and how it can help him. Also, thanks for the suggestions on the brands.

    • Moderator

      In reply to tara's comment

      Coconut oil certainly is one of the natural foods that may help with ALS, Tara. Make sure he is working closely with his doctors as he tries new supplements and foods. I'd also recommend doing some research on Coenzyme Q10, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and creatine. Good luck to you and him.

    • In reply to tara's comment

      step father, not father in law

  • Have you tried Skinny Coconut? I had used something different before (can't remember the brand), but it got too hot in the jar and I saw all these nasty orbs floating in it- can't be good! I tried the Skinny brand and liked everything about it so much more- taste, texture, and smell! And when it melted, clear as water!

    Also, love the jar!

  • Nutiva brand is tasteless! I've had several other brands that taste so much more sweet and coconut-ty but now I can't remember the brands. :\

  • I have to disagree with Santiago, had the best results with Nature's way. Also taste better imo.
    My bums on my arms have been diminishing after using this :)

  • I think that nutiva is the best. I have tried Nature's Way but i dident like it.

  • Hi I have heard of the many benefits to coconut oil for some time. I got away from using it because it left chunks in my smoothie and I did not care for that. I appreciate the tip of completely melting first and will try that. Still seems like it will harden again immediately with the other cold items in the smoothie. Nevertheless I will consume it some way.

    Other tips to keep it from hardening in my smoothies would be greatly appreciated.
    ***I heard it is good for thyroid ..does anyone have any information about this?
    Lastly I purchased it for my little dog today. He has been itchy from allergies and coconut oil is coming highly recommended. He was not thrilled when I put it in his food.. any ideas?
    He didn't mind it on his skin. Seems to be helping ease the itch.

    I purchased the GARDEN OF LIFE brand raw unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil from a vitamin store and it was the only one there in a glass jar. I went to get the Nutiva as another blog mentioned it as a fav however it was not in glass.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Lisa M's comment

      Hi, Lisa. I don't premelt it. I simply add it first, so it is right next to the blades when they start turning. I've found it gets mixed in enough that I don't notice it that way. There has been some evidence that coconut oil may help with thyroid health, but it is small and mostly anecdotal at the moment. The body does need healthy fats to create hormones and coconut oil does have some good antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, but it is too early to say for sure if these add up to a healthier thyroid. My dog loves it. Try giving a small amount to yours alone, not with food, and see how he or she likes it. The plastic doesn't bother everyone. I am just avoiding it more often myself.

  • I have been using the Spectrum brand. It comes in both refined and unrefined. I prefer the refined because I don't always want the coconut flavor in everything I make. It also comes in glass jars. Wondering what your thoughts are on this brand?

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      In reply to Theresa S.'s comment

      I'm a fan of any brand that makes unrefined, virgin oil and puts it in glass. I understand not wanting the coconut flavor in everything. I tend to use a little olive oil with my coconut oil in things I don't want the flavor to overpower. It cuts it quite a bit.

  • have you heard of Tropical Traditions gold label coconut oil?

    Thank you!

  • Tropical traditions is my fav!

  • The Artisana brand of coconut butter is way better than the coconut manna from Nutiva which seems to have less flavor and is more maintenance just to prepare, although the ingredients are the same.