Sunwarrior Fitness Challenge 2018!

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Get Fit and Lean this 2018 with the Sunwarrior Fitness Challenge! Personalized meal plans, motivation, and exercise routines all to help you be your best you!

The Sunwarrior Fitness Challenge is back! Sunwarrior’s Fitness Challenge returns January 1, 2018 with bolder life changes, better content, and bigger prizes. Want to win big? It’s time to renew your resolutions and get to work!

The Prizes

We’re giving away a Cruise for Two to one Grand Prize Winner! We’ll also be giving away a Year’s Supply of Sunwarrior products! That doesn’t even include all the monthly prizes we’ll be giving out throughout the Challenge!

Are You Ready for a Change?

Change is a slow process. So we’re giving everyone until May 15th to implement the challenge and make transformations. We’ll supply the food plans, exercise routines, and moral support. You supply the muscle. Don’t worry if you don’t have much to start. It will come. That’s what this is all about.

How to Join

Sign up for the Challenge now to get your customized food plans and exercise routines. Then join the Facebook Group for added support to power you through. It’s important to have people at your back, motivating, pushing, inspiring, and giving advice. Your participation in the group is part of the contest. We’ll ask for before and after photos close to the end of the Challenge.

Why Join?

It’s a New Year! You have 365 blank days ahead of you that you can fill however you like. Anything is possible today, so why not make yourself over into the person you know you can be? We aren’t talking perfection, but you have a real opportunity here to live healthier, happier, and stronger. This is the year!

Join the Challenge. See what you can do!

Get healthy with our free fitness challenge where we give you a free meal plan and a free exercise regimen to follow so you can feel your best!

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