Peanut Butter Ice Cream: Organic Vegan Dessert Recipe

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vegan_peanut_butter_ice_cream_recipe_picJason Wrobel of the J-Wro Show, celebrity vegan chef and always hilarious TV host and personality, makes a peanut butter ice cream in minutes with just a few ingredients and his high-power blender. Peanut butter Ice Cream? Yep, you heard right! This sweet, creamy, vegan, organic treat rivals anything you can find at your local malt shop, is healthier, and made with superfoods. Dig in, enjoy it, and drop the guilt from the guilty pleasure.

vegan_peanut_butter_ice_cream_recipes_imageVegan Peanut Butter Ice Cream Ingredients:
  • High powered blender
  • ⅔–1 cup coconut milk or other non-dairy milk
  • ⅔ cup organic peanut butter or other nut butter if you like
  • ½ cup organic coconut palm sugar
  • Pinch Himalayan crystal salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1-2 trays coconut milk ice cubes
  • 1 scoop Sunwarrior Warrior Blend vanilla protein
  • Cacao nibs
vegan_protein_ice_cream_recipe_picMethod: Freeze 2 trays of coconut milk into ice cubes. Blend all ingredients together, starting with one tray of coconut milk ice cubes and adding the rest during blending to reach the right consistency of smooth and slightly melty. Put in cup or bowl and top with some cacao nibs. Enjoy this super simple recipe within minutes! vegan_organic_peanut_butter_ice_cream_recipe_image

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  • It would be a great help for me if there was a print button some where on the page so your excellent receipes could easily be printed :) Could that be added or is it already there and I missed it?

  • This was amazing! It made a ton though so I put the leftovers in ice pop molds for later. I used chocolate sunwarrior since it's what i have at the moment. Sunflower butter. I used almond milk, one tray of coconut milk and drank it with a straw (super thick). So even if you make changes it's still good!

  • That. Looks. Nummy. On my shopping list!

  • My fav nut butter recipe is.
    Gluten free Breton crackers
    Natural peanut butter
    Enjoy life chocolate for melting.

    1. Make about 30 peanut butter sandwiches with the Breton crackers and peanut butter.
    2. Melt one cup of chips
    3. Dip sandwiches into chocolate and place on wax paper.
    4. Cool in the fridge for 30 mins.


    I am celiac and enjoy a dairy and egg free diet.

  • sounds delicious! we mainly have cocunut milk in cans in dk, a bit different from yours, but think it can work.
    I'd probably also try almond butter, and maybe in combo w raspberries.
    do you know any just as healthy ice creams with a rum raisin style flavour??? I'd really love that.