Is Coconut Oil Good for Cold Sores?

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is_coconut_oil_good_for_cold_sores_imageCoconut oil has hundreds of healthful uses and fighting off cold sores is one of its specialties. To get rid of cold sores fast, you must inactivate the virus that causes them. Cold sores are caused by a herpes virus that lies dormant in nerve cells until they are activated by anxiety, stress, cold, excessive sun exposure, or illness. Cold sores are painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. They are unsightly and often very slow to heal. Luckily, coconut oil is very good at killing and inactivating the virus that causes cold sores.

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides that have antiviral, antibiotic, and antifungal properties, specifically lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid. These little good fats are capable of dissolving the outer layer of lipid covered bacteria, viruses, and fungus. They are even more effective after being touched by enzymes in the human body, destroying invaders from within as well. This includes the herpes virus that causes cold sores and many other types of viruses like HIV and measles. These abilities are being studied to strengthen immunity, lighten the viral load, and reduce symptoms of many illnesses that are thought to be incurable. Coconut oil may not offer a cure either, but it does help, especially with cold sores.

coconut_oil_uses_picDab it on as soon as you feel the blister start forming and take it internally too. One to three tablespoons a day will help kill off that pesky herpes virus and you will see that cold sore disappear much faster than normal. As a bonus it softens, soothes, and conditions skin so the marks smooth out and go away faster too along with other blemishes and wrinkles.


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  • So I also suffer from cold sores that last 8 to 9 days. I got one on Tuesday May/16 and felt frustrated!!!! So I went on the web to see what I can find that would get rid of it quick! And I came across this website. And never thought in a million years to use coconut oil. Well to my dismay I used it and by May/18 it's 99% better!!!! two days later ! WOW!!!! I CANNOT BELEIVE THAT IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!! I am so EXCITED I could cry!!!! Thank you Charlie!!!!! You have NO idea what this has done for me!!!!! I used nothing but coconut oil on it and I didn't even eat it like you suggested and it worked still! Also it doesn't get dried and scabed up! And it also absorbs quickly and doesn't look shiny at all! I have used everything under the sun and nothing has worked!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  • Hi, I have just being diagnose with hsv1 oral. I never had an outbreak and the last girl I kiss was over 2 month ago. Also my dad had them so for all I know I always had them.
    I could use someone to ask questions to.
    How do you guys tell potential partners?
    What to do or take to prevent cold sores and when they happen.
    I heard lip bombs are good. Which do you recommend?
    Anyone willing to answer any of this questions?

  • "ACV it is! Applied a soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar cotton ball on my sore and put a bandade over it and just left it there, reapplying the Apple Cider Vinegar every hour and within 2 hours the sore was dry....but kept the bandade on after that I applied aloe vera to keep it moist constantly to prevent a scap from forming bye bye sore! So happy with this! It took me 1 day!"

  • Thanks for the info. How often should this be applied?

  • I myself get them around my mouth. I've gotten them since I was a child so I'm assuming a family member gave it to me. It always seems things begin to add up, right before I get them. Just a couple days ago I was running a fever and have been stressing out as well. Then it shows up, uninvited. I've looked many times to find something to get rid of it, witch hazel being one and peroxide. I was using toothpaste mixed with salt and let it sit once it blisters and this helps dry it out. But I've been trying to find something less harsh. But even with that its gone much faster than if I were to leave it be. I'll try the coconut oil this time and see what it does. I can already feel it tingling on the location I place it on. I'll report if I only use that. Thanks

  • Thank you, very informative, I have a question – has anyone tried shungite water? One of my friends advised me to try it, in his case it helped. If anybody faced this situation and tried it please advise.

  • BTW not suggesting author of blog is unaware of physiology or biological processes, just saying that ingesting it when a cold sore has reared itself would be ineffective vs topical application, information as to let people be aware that you can't skip the topical because it makes it all shiny and noticeable and just opt to ingest expecting the same results. Use it topical for results. Same with oil pulling. Ingesting will not help your gums and teeth, but swishing will. Just don't want people to get a bad result and think western meds are the better choice. Holistic will ALWAYS win less it's like a gun shot to your belly.

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      Thank you, Eric. There is a good reason I suggest you ingest it, though I suggest you use it topically too. The lauric acid in coconut oil becomes more active after we digest it as it is transformed into monolaurin in our bodies. Monolaurin is highly antiviral and antifungal while the lauric acid is less so. I like the two pronged approach where you attack the virus from within and without, but feel free to go with what you like. I have a form of this virus that hits my feet and hands with little blisters and have had good luck using it topically while also ingesting it.

    • Charlie: your blisters on hand and feet sound like what I get when stressed, started in college . Recent, I foUnd out the official name: dyshidrotic eczema. I was thrilled it had a name!! I carry Herpies 1 virus, thanks to my mom, so I thought it was the cause of it. Still might b a factor. My mom gets cold sores. One of many downfalls , besides the itching, is that I am a 'picker' and keep well enough alone! I enjoy popping the blisters, and then it forms into something similar to that of a popped zit ( which I also have a bad picking and extracting habit!). I contine to pick, they make a big mess of my hands, and usually hide the worst part under bandages with cream. Hydrocortisone cream helps all the itching. I also jabe been using coconut oil to heal, moisturize and and soften them.So, have you ever ended up popping or otherwise disrupting the blisters?? I just had a breakout, of course due to stress (this also can be activated if you have allergies). I'd like to know more about your experiences. Thanks for posting?

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      In reply to Christa's comment

      I recently discovered the same thing, Christa! It's so nice to know. I get them when I'm stressed and when the seasons change. I leave them alone on my hands. I tend to pop them on my feet. If I leave them alone, they go away, though my skin tends to peel where they were a week later. Coconut oil and citrus oils seem to help. That's about all I know. Good luck and let me know if you get any better answers! :)

    • I suppose it would be useful, I only mean that as to not confuse people into thinking they can ingest and get the same results. The amount needed to do so purely by ingesting would be cumbersome at best considering the virus holds its ground in the nerve cells directly under the skin. Once a sore breaks skin and swells, its going to take time for your body to build up the amount of useful antibodies to actually combat, however I suppose of you begin immediately when the tingle begins it may help some.

      Have you tried anything to dry the sores? Ethanol works well if you press and allow absorption though not very holistic lol. It does work well however, specifically for oral blisters. If you get them on your feet a Epsom salt should help well, but a thirty second cotton ball press on affected areas will dry out the layers of skin and the amount of fluid associated with cold sores, after which apply coconut oil (or better yet licorice extract, works much more effectively from what I've read but can't attest to it) after you let the oil sit and remineralize your skin, dry out once more. Its a pain but can get rid of a cold sore in a day or two before it breaks skin. This is assuming that coconut oil works like that of lemon balm and thieves.

    • Ive heard witch hazel helps as an astringent and gental healer, less potent than hydrogen peroxide for clean and disinfect the areas

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      In reply to Christa's comment

      I love witch hazel!

  • I'm trying this now. I've had a viral flu from a mosquito that has caused me to cough bloody music and run fevers of 105-107...probably should have got to the er but I had to work and blah blah, and I generally run at 103 anyway.

    Now that I seem to be getting past it I woke up with not one, but three shiners on my lip, right where the top peak meets on the upper lip. The runny Nose probably activated it, so this really isn't what I wanted to see after beginning to feel better haha.

    Generally when I get a cold sore they fester up into a huge red puffy bubble and then quickly burst. The coconut oil so far (which I use to oil pull rather than brush teeth and have revered two cavities) seems to be keeping it from bursting. This is odd to me, so if anyone tries this you may get the same result. The author of this blog is correct in its uses from what I can see so far, today would be the start of day two of the blister and they don't look like they want to ulcerate on me which would be awesome if this does happen. Other things I'm taking is echanetia pills twice a day, been doing that three days now and have read it can help. Echanatia tea is supposed to be helpful, as well as lavender oil, licorice extract, and peppermint oil. Luckily I have all BUT the licorice extract which I am always meaning to try, but I don't ever prepare for these...they come up every year or two lol.

    I'll post back here if able once it heals up to explain what happened, though one thing I'd say is taking the coconut oil internally makes absolutely no effect on the active cold sore. Its a virus that's active under the skin, and the amount of coconut oil you would need to intake to have even a marginal effect on the sore would be wasteful, however topical applications will allow the oil to absorb into the skin and fight head on. Eating coconut oil however has OTHER and plentiful benefits, but just be aware of the biology within your gi and circulatory system and how you body physically breaks down proteins. Ingesting won't help, but its possible if you take it daily for a year you may be able to build your body some resources to avoid it in the long run, but ones it is there its an invader.

    • You wouldnt be alive with a body temp of 105-107

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      In reply to Calissa's comment

      Normal body temperature can vary with a small percentage of individuals. I run cooler than most at about 96 and some people run hotter. You are correct that 105 to 107 is considered extremely high and dangerous temperatures. You should always seek professional help when your fever gets that high.

  • Thanks, just applied some and the cold sore did a little tingle dance, hopefully it was imploding! Will keep applying.