Coconut Oil for a Sore Throat

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coconut_oil_for_a_sore_throat_imageThe uses for coconut oil are reaching staggering numbers and growing each day as people try this all-natural, good fat in different ways. Coconut oil and sore throats go together very well. This oil is an anti-inflammatory that soothes the pain, irritation, and scratchiness of a sore throat. It is also antimicrobial, attacking bacteria, fungi, and even many viruses so your immune system can step in and get rid of the problem faster. 

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You can take a teaspoon or two of oil and let it roll down the back of your throat to help the healing process begin. You can also make a soothing, healing cough syrup to sweetly ease away the pain and lessen that urge to cough. It works well with colds, flu, sinus infections that disturb the throat, tonsilloliths, and even sore throats caused from overuse of your voice.


  • 3 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup local raw honey
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil

Mix these together in a small saucepan and warm them on low heat. You only want to melt the ingredients, not cook them. Take the warm syrup with a spoon or mix it in warm water or tea and let the healing begin. You can also melt coconut oil into tea or vegetable broth directly to sip away the soreness in your throat.

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  • I've been sick throughout the weekend and my throat is so raw from the coughing. Drinking Orange juice & pineapple juice burn my throat, kind of like cutting tomatoes while having cuts on your fingers. So tonight I couldn't sleep due to the sore throat & dry nose, I typed in " can I use coconut oil for a sore throat?" and came across this site, so i made some of this and put it in my chamomile tea. It tastes good & feels nice going down annnd I feel like I'm going to sleep good. Thank you!

  • I am a singer so colds and sore throats are greatly disruptive i am a great believer in the power of coconut oil , lemon, honey and cider vinegar and also cinnamon all have great anti- biotic and healing qualities and very good for your digestive system so i will make a hot drink say tsp of each in cup of boiled water honey and lemon/vinigar them later Honey lemon/coconut, cinnamon occasionaly ,on a daily basis and tablespoon or more if needed . when you get the combination of tastes that suits you you will find it far more refreshing than tea , My tip is i slice fresh lemons and freeze them so its quick and easy to throw in a couple of slices with some honey and boiled water and voila perfect drinking temperature also coconut oil is great if your throat feels dry a problem for many singers were there is central heating especially here in Scotland .

  • I've had a cough for 3 weeks, and recently developed a sore throat so bad I went to urgent care, the doctor told me it is a viral infection and there is nothing to be done except aspirin and waiting it out. That was three days ago! My throat is at its worst today! I just found your site and I am really hoping this works. I cannot take this pain anymore, and the aspirin isn't working now :(

  • My son went to bed last night with a sore throat so we gargled with Himalayan salt, but he woke up still sore. I saw my coconut oil just sitting there beside my buckwheat honey and thought "I should google this"

  • i would like to know do you take the mixture all in at one sitting? how often should you take it?

  • I have been suffering from sore throat for almost 20 days. Have no any other issues like cold cough or fever. Just swelling throat what is causing pain and irritation. Have been taking antibiotics advised by the doctor but seems not working well enough. Will your formula of coconut oil work ? Please suggest

  • Hi Charlie

    I use coconut oil to moisturise my skin, had a sore throat last two days so took a spoonful of coconut oil at bedtime and woke up without a bad sore throat and my wheeze was better too.

    I'm stunned at how quickly it worked, made me look it up which led me to your site.

    We use it for eczema, hair conditioning, moisturiser, lip balm, smells gorgeous and leaves everything beautiful.

    Definitely worth a try:))

  • I'm trying this finite! Too much pollen around SC.

  • Ive been having sore throat and cough for two days now. Stumble upon your site and I took your advice of taking a spoon of oil. It felt good and very soothing instantly...will repeat a few more times today and hope for the best!

  • Hi, Charlie.

    I suspected that coconut oil might be good for a bad throat, and that's what led me to your article.

    However, I wonder, could I substitute apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice? I find lemon too sharp and it tends to dry out the mouth generally, plus ACV just tastes better.

    Regards and thanks.

  • Thanks I really needed this, I'm bogged down in bed with a seriously sore throat.