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You’re Going to Flip Your Lid!

Your days of digging for the scoop are over. Sunwarrior is giving the gift of time and convenience with their new expandable scoop!

We can’t keep a lid on this information any longer because we know your pain. You wake up. You need your morning smoothie. You’re in a hurry to get to the gym or to work, and you open the lid on your brand new Sunwarrior protein. Sunwarrior is the right way to start the day, after all. But, alas, when you reach in to grasp the scoop, your fingers strike powder. The scoop, the instrument needed to make breakfast work, has disappeared. The protein gods did not find favor with you this day.

You don’t panic. You know what you have to do. This particular achievement is already unlocked. You have to go in after the scoop, digging through the powder until your fingers uncover the hard little piece of comfort that allows you to measure your morning into a Mason jar of happiness.

We’ve blown the lid off this problem. Your search is over! We’ve got you covered, or, more specifically, under cover. Sunwarrior is thrilled to announce that we’ve attached the scoop to the inside of the lid. Gone are the days of powder under your fingernails. Gone are the days of mining through your protein powder and hoping you washed your hands first. Gone are the sighs of sorrow as you look into the protein and see no trace of the missing scoop (which usually means it’s at the bottom).

Protein just got real with an expandable scoop that pops off the lid and is ready for action. When you’re done, just collapse the scoop and snap it back to place on the lid.

Plus, the triple-pop noise is seriously fun. You can replace your game of Candy Crush with the expanding and collapsing of the scoop. It’s that entertaining. This improvement to our packaging is rolling out to select product first. You may have already seen it on some of our products. It'll take some time to get it to everyone, so keep your eyes peeled!

This improvement lets you get back to the important things in life: the protein. You’re welcome.

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