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Pumpkin Hummus Recipe!

So, you didn’t use all your cans of pumpkin, don’t despair. This pumpkin hummus recipe is here to give those cans a purpose!

When you have some leftover cans of pumpkin lying around, making pumpkin hummus is the perfect thing to do with them! (It’s also the perfect thing to do with cans of pumpkin puree that you buy at the store specifically FOR this recipe, but still.)

Pumpkin hummus is the ultimate crowd-pleasing meal. Going to a Friendsgiving potluck? Bring the pumpkin hummus! Hosting actual Thanksgiving? Start the feast by putting out this pumpkin hummus! Feel guilty about doing online holiday shopping while you’re supposed to be working? Bring this pumpkin hummus to share with your coworkers. Guilt be gone! (Also, hummus be gone, too! Which it will be. In minutes!)

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