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16 Ways to Use Sunwarrior Plant-Based Protein Powder! (Not Just for Smoothies!)

How can you incorporate Sunwarrior plant-based protein powder in your daily diet? Here are 16 fun things you can try that are so much more than smoothies!

Plant-Based Protein Powder Uses Beyond Smoothies

Protein is not just for smoothies anymore! There are a lot of fun ways to get your protein in each day! If you’ve ever wondered how to add vegan protein powder to your plant-based diet beyond another smoothie, I’m giving you 16 ways to use Sunwarrior protein that will make your mouth and body happy!

For the first few years when Sunwarrior’s plant-protein powder was in my life, it never saw life beyond its tub, my blender, and a glass jar. (Okay and a straw sometimes, too.) I thought protein powder was a smoothie-only type of ingredient.

But then one day, I stumbled upon a recipe for protein pancakes - actual pancakes that used protein powder as an ingredient, and my mind was blown. (As were my taste buds!).

I realized that when you put protein into baked goods or sugary things, it makes them less “bad for you.”

Protein Promotes Satiety

What I mean by “less bad for you” is that putting protein powder into a treat helps that treat fill you up, not spike → crash your blood sugar and cause you to eat more later, all of which sugary baked goods are notorious for. (This is how they hinder your weight-loss or cause you to gain weight.) When you add protein, you promote satiety and prevent that spike in your blood sugar.

Since that protein pancake experience, I’ve since perfected my own protein pancake recipe with Sunwarrior protein powder and have made it a fun mission to see how many different ways I can use the best tasting and textured plant-based protein powder on the planet.

So far, I’m up to sixteen. Let me know if you have any more ideas!

Protein Shake or Smoothie

The obvious is a smoothie. Sorry, I have to put it here but it’s clearly the number one way to use Sunwarrior protein powder.

My quick go-to smoothie formula is one scoop of Sunwarrior + almond milk + ½ a frozen banana + a handful of greens, but adding fun flavors like nut butter or other fruits like berries or mango can keep your blender and taste buds on their toes.

Here’s a green collagen-building smoothie I love.

Smoothie Bowls

The other obvious idea is a smoothie bowl or acai bowl. For these, I use just a little less liquid than I use in a smoothie, so they’re thicker.

Then, I can top them with crunchy stuff like granola, fruit, or nut butter and eat them with a spoon like a bowl of ice cream!


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Organic plant-based protein powder is a great addition to baked goods like these apple cinnamon muffins!

This recipe uses Sunwarrior Lean Superfood Shake in vanilla flavor and oat flour. For variations, you can add in chia seeds, raisins, walnuts, and some spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger to make this delicious, dietary fiber and protein-rich snack.

Protein Bites

Who says you can’t have the best plant protein powder at work? Eat it as a snack in the office, like these cocoa protein bites!

It only takes 5 minutes to make but you can keep them as snacks in between meals or when you get hungry in the office.

Homemade Nut Butter

You can also share the benefits of Sunwarrior’s vanilla plant-based protein powder by making your own nut butter filled with ingredients you know and understand and made in your own home like with this cinnamon superfood nut butter.

You can make some to keep for yourself or give it away as gifts for special occasions.

Pancakes and Waffles

As I said earlier, I figured out how to include vegan protein powder in my favorite breakfast meal! You won’t have to worry about spiking your glucose levels with this pancake recipe.

By using rolled oats, almond milk, and Sunwarrior Protein Classic Plus in chocolate or other flavors, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with high protein but less sugar.

Here’s my favorite pancake recipe.

Protein Popsicles

Protein powder in popsicles? It may sound unusual, but they’re actually really good! Imagine a protein smoothie but frozen! It’s perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Seriously, try these refreshing protein green smoothie pops or these protein ice pops!

Cookies and Blondies

This treat is jam-packed with protein thanks to the protein powder and chickpeas.

No joke, these blondies are like brownies but lighter and packed with protein.

Berry Crisp

Outings are best enjoyed with some sweet dessert. If you’re worried about sugar content and calories, a berry crisp is a great option!

This one will be a crowd pleaser, and you can choose the berries you’ll add into the mixture.

It’s perfect for summer!


Granola bars are great snacks before or after workouts and bites in between meals. Although you can buy pre-packaged ones, you can make your own at home.

There are various granola flavors you can make like this tropical-flavored one.

Chia Pudding

For the ultimate protein-packed snack, try this chia pudding recipe.

They may not look much but these seeds are filled with fiber, protein, iron, calcium, omega-3, and potassium. And, you don’t have to worry about calories with this snack!

Overnight Oats

Follow this recipe for the laziest and most filling pre-made breakfast.

Not only is it a filling breakfast packed with protein, but also you’ll love it if you’re a fan of chai lattes.

Rice Crispy Treats

Organic vegan protein powder in a rice crispy, there’s nothing wrong with that because why not pump up the protein in the world’s most fun snack?

You can make batches of these and snack on them when you workout for an energy boost.

Raw Edible Cookie Dough

If you’re one of those people who loves cookie dough, you can still enjoy it without worrying about sugar and calories.

It’s also a great comfort food because we all need a healthy-ish treat for when we have a bad day.


Why stick with boring white or wheat bread when you can make your own gluten-free, protein-packed bread like this festive gingerbread bread.


Worried your birthday won’t be as fun without cakes and cupcakes? Don’t, because this recipe has you covered!

Make and design your own cupcake with this recipe because birthdays are better with less blood sugar spikes.

Bonus: Pecan Bars

The traditional pecan pie isn’t the healthiest treat out there, which is why these protein pecan bars will get you dancing with joy!

Pecans are awesome sources of calcium and protein, making them a great addition to foods and desserts. And since this recipe uses almond flour instead of white flour, it is indeed a guilt-free treat!

Now isn’t plant-based and organic protein powder so flexible? You don’t have to stick to protein shakes as your only source of protein anymore.

Incorporate the Sunwarrior plant-based protein powder into your daily diet with these recipes!

Which one of the recipes above have you tried and which ones do you plan on making soon? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 27, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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