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Core Exercises for Beginners with Tim McComsey

If you’re short on time but long on need to get into a workout program, you might want to start with this gem of core-exercises!

Tim McComsey, your favorite trainer and dietician, is coming at you, straight outta the gym again with his exercise tips, workout ideas, and healthy expertise. Today’s workout is for beginners. These three exercises are for anyone first getting started on a fitness program. They focus on working your core muscles, so you get strong in your midsection and can do more exercises without injury.

Start with mountain climbers. Get down on your hands and feet, like you’re doing a pushup. Kick your feet forward, in and out toward your spine. Keep your feet moving, but keep your body in a straight line. Try not to hunch or sag in the middle. Do this for thirty seconds. You’ll notice your heart rate climbing for some cardio benefits while tightening your core.

As soon as the thirty seconds are up, move down into a plank position on your forearms and elbows. Squeeze your core and your glutes while you breathe. Hold that position for thirty to sixty seconds. Move to your stomach after your plank to work on your lower back and hamstrings. Put your arms to the side, arch your back as much as you can, and keep your feet together in the air. Hold this for thirty to sixty seconds. Rest for sixty seconds and repeat another two to three more times. Enjoy your rocking core.

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