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An Award-Winning Chocolate Coffee Protein Smoothie!

Coffee in a smoothie that tastes so good it can make a loyalist of the most ardent coffee hater and make the coffee lover wonder how they’d lived this long without it!

Coffee has never meant squat to me. It's not that I'm anti-caffeine, I’m just anti-the-taste-of-coffee. Maybe it stems from that time when I was eight and was playing in the snow in my backyard and got insanely thirsty so I ran into my house, grabbed a thermos and chugged like a frat brother and 2 minutes in realized that I wasn’t chugging water, I was chugging coffee and almost vomited?

Or maybe I'm just not a coffee person.

Either way, as of a few weeks ago, coffee DOES mean squat to me because I happened to win Sunwarrior’s cutthroat smoothie competition with, ironically, a chocolate coffee protein smoothie!

In the cutthroat smoothie competition at the Sunwarrior booth at The Natural Products Expo East, I was given a must-use secret ingredient and only 3 minutes to whip up a tasty smoothie, and when the secret ingredient was COLD BREW COFFEE, I almost called it quits. But I like to win. A lot. So, I channeled my inner barista and threw stuff in a blender and by a round of applause (my own included) won the competition!! It was a day I'll never forget.

And trust me: this is one coffee smoothie recipe you'll never want to forget either.

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