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A is for Autumn! Get Your Workout on with this ABC Name Workout

Shake up your workout routine with something that’s fun! The ABC name workout adds variety to your fall-weather exercises!

Another summer went by way too quickly, and all things pumpkin are surrounding us. Fall is here without us even realizing the changing temperatures and colors. I have a great workout I want to share with you, but first I’m going to give you six great reasons to work out in the fall and then give you a great workout to do!

Cooler Weather

The dropping temperatures mean more reasons to get outside! With it not being as hot, this will make those workouts feel that much more satisfying, while allowing you stay cool.

Beautiful Fall Colors

Not only is the cool fall temperature reason enough to get outside, but the crunching of leaves under your feet while running is satisfying and calming.

Easier Schedules and Habits (especially if you have kids)

Between work, school, and after-school activities, the fall tends to be a more consistent season of life for most people. Regular schedules organize time in useful ways. Use this time wisely!

Great Sales on Summer Clothing

A good sale on summer active-wear means no excuse not to wear that new tank and get a workout in!

Jump Start the Resolutions!

Maybe summer training didn’t go exactly how you would have liked. Start preparing for the holidays! Don’t wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to start trying to lose those extra pounds.


Seriously. There’s no time like the present to make your goals become reality.

It’s always good to change things up, to give variety, and to keep fresh and fun, and the same goes for workouts! If you complete the same workout over and over again, it becomes boring and mundane, which can lead to burn out and the discontinuance of your exercising altogether. I taught fitness classes over the summer, and as an instructor, I also wanted to give the class members variety and to keep it fun! I mean, fun is why they keep coming, right? Well, and for a good workout! During one of the classes, I brought this workout concept, and they enjoyed it! They said it was a lot harder than it looked. Another easy thing about this workout is that you can complete it anywhere: at the gym, at home, outside in your yard, in your garage, anywhere. The requirement to complete your full name changes up things (or it might be annoying if you have two N’s in your name in a row—50 burpees!). Regardless of your name, it will be a full body workout!

For beginners: Start with your first and last name. Take some time in between each letter to rest if needed.

For intermediate exercisers: Complete your full name (first, middle, and last). Try not to rest too much in between exercises.

For advanced exercisers: Complete your full name (first, middle, and last) and set a specific time. Also, go as fast as you can from one exercise to the next. For example, set the timer for 45 minutes and see how many times you can get through your full name.

Other variations: Go for time, spell your full name forwards and backwards, spell other things, complete the full list once, go from A to Z or Z to A, change the quantity to a time instead (instead of 50 jumping jacks, do 50 seconds of jumping jacks).

The ABC Workout

A = 50 jumping jacks

B = 45 second front plank

C = 30 body weight squats

D = 20 push-ups (either on your toes or knees)

E = 1-minute wall sit (make sure to angle your knees at 90 degrees)

F = 10 burpees (perform a push-up when you do this as well)

G = 30 dips (can be performed on stairs, a bench, or a chair)

H = 25 body weight squats

I = 40 lunges (total)

J = 1 minute front plank

K = 15 push-ups (either on your toes or knees)

L = 2-minute wall sit (make sure to angle your knees at 90 degrees)

M = 20 burpees (perform a push-up when you do this as well)

N = 25 burpees (perform a push-up when you do this as well)

O = 25 dips (can be performed on stairs, a bench, or a chair)

P = 40 squat jumps (squat down and then jump up as high as you can or that you are comfortable with)

Q = 90 second front plank

R = 15 push-ups (can be performed on your toes or knees)

S = 30 burpees (perform this with a push-up as well)

T = 35 body weight squats

U = 15 dips (can be performed on stairs, a bench, or a chair)

V = 3-minute wall sit (make sure to angle your knees at 90 degrees)

W = 50 lunges (total)

X = 60 jumping jacks

Y = 1 minute front plank

Z = 20 push-ups (can be performed on your knees or your toes)

Start your autumn off with some delicious homemade crowd-pleasing, frightfully amazing frozen yogurt!

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